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Sierra Nevada caught our interest again with Torpedo Extra!

Our Journey

We’ve featured Sierra Nevada products in the past, but we felt that they deserve another mention.  We’ve come across some more of their great brews in our travels and we simply had to give them another post.  After all, we love to let you know about the many amazing craft beers we come across and what they entail and Sierra Nevada seems to have several great brews to choose from!

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA is amazing!Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA hit our list!

We’ve been checking into the many brews offered by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company lately.  After the first brew came across our table, we simply had to see what else they had on offer and when we recently tasted Torpedo Extra IPA, we were truly impressed.  This IPA has some outstanding flavor and the aroma hits you like a reminder of better days.

While we realize that not everyone loves IPAs, we do, and this one certainly hits the right notes where hops and just the right amount of malt are concerned.  Made with a generous helping of hops ranging from fruity to earthy, this brew turned out great.  Use of their new “Hop Torpedo”, a unit that allows them to control how much bitterness is imparted in their dry-hopping process, has ensured that this brew has the maximum amount of dry-hopped aroma while retaining that delicious drinkability we love.  If you’re into heavy bitterness in your brew, this one probably won’t impress you, but you’ll likely enjoy it nonetheless.

Why is this brew so interesting?

We mentioned that Sierra Nevada has a new “Hop Torpedo” system for their dry-hopping process.  This innovation has allowed them to create a new range of dry-hopped brews that fulfill our desire for huge aroma without adding quite so much bitterness to the brew.  This allows the aroma lovers to purchase brews that fill their need, as well as allowing the rest of the craft beer lovers out there to enjoy some new brews as well.  While not everyone is going to fall in love with a heavily dry-hopped brew that doesn’t have as much of a bitter punch, we’re sure you’ll all love the innovative ideas Sierra Nevada is coming up with.

The craft brewing industry is always watching for great new ideas like this and we’re sure that several breweries will be picking it up over time to create some delicious and aroma-filled brews of their own.  Imagine a heavily dry-hopped brew that also includes a generous amount of fruit like pomegranate or strawberries.  The fruit brew lovers will have the chance to try some brews that push the boundaries without adding bitterness to the sweet brews they already love!

Sierra Nevada is opening avenues for future creativity!

We love creative takes on classic brews.  This is no different with this brew, as it is an outstanding and creative take on the classic IPA with a huge infusion of dry hops.  While we’ve certainly enjoyed the many dry-hopped brews that have been popping up across the United States, we’re curious to see where this new system takes the industry and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

Check back with the blog regularly as we journey across the United States and find new brews to report about.  If you’ve found any interesting brews that use a process like this one, leave us a comment and let us know!  It just might become our next feature!


Mar 20, 2017