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Sierra Nevada using hop oil to create deliciousness

Our Journey

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has a great variety of brews out on the market today.  However, that has not stopped them from improving and innovating, which is wonderful.  They’ve taken steps to move forward in the industry and are not afraid to try something fairly new, which is how they started using hop oil to create some absolutely stunning brews!

How on earth do they get hop oil?

The process for extracting hop oil is not really that complicated.  By using a steam distilling process on wet hops, the company is able to collect pure hop oil, which is then combined with classic cone hops in the brewing process to create some of the most stunning craft beers ever.  Brews like Hop Hunter IPA are popping up on the shelves and we’re loving it, because these brews have a very intense taste that adds volumes to their flavor profile.

Hop Hunter IPA is a great brew that has resulted from this outstanding process.  Bravo, Cascade, Crystal, and Simcoe hops are used along with hop oil distilled from Cascade, Centennial, and CTZ hops.  This, blended with three types of malts have made this an outstanding brew that is deserving of this feature.  After all, that’s what a hop oil feature is about, the great brews created from the hop oils!

Does Sierra Nevada have any other interesting craft beer?

Oh, indeed they do.  They have a variety of other brews for you to try including their absolutely delicious Torpedo Extra IPA.  This whole hop brew has a wonderful flavor profile that you’ll really enjoy if you’re a Hopaholic.  The aroma profile includes citrus, pine, and a bit of tropical aroma, while the flavor profile comes from a mix of Magnum, Crystal, and Citra hops.  The brewing process is finished out with another dose of Magnum hops for bittering and the result is epic.

Also, their brew, Otra Vez, offers a great twist on the classic brews.  If you like a craft beer with a bit of a twist, check this one out, as the addition of Cactus, Coriander, and Grapefruit has given it a really prolific flavor profile that you’ll love.  Try something new with this interesting craft beer from Sierra Nevada, because trying new brews is part of the adventure that the craft beer community has so much fun with.

Sierra Nevada is popping up with a lot of interesting brews other than hop oil based brews

We expect more great craft brews from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in the coming year, as they’ve already come out with some very intense and interesting brews this year.  We look forward to featuring them as they come out and will always mention a few extra brews from their stock for you to check out when you get a chance.

Check back often to see what new brew we’re featuring next.  Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about any interesting brews you have come across and perhaps it will be our next feature!


Mar 15, 2017