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Six Points of delicious perfection

Our Journey

Six Point Brewing has a great variety of craft beer available on the market we love trying them.  From their Core brews to the seasonal and limited edition Cycliquids collection they possess, each brew is imbued with the dedication and quality that we’ve come to expect from these great brewmasters.  Today we want to focus on their Core beers.  Those are the beers they offer all year round that really hold our attention and keep us coming back to try their other offerings.

What are the Core beers of Six Point?

Six Point Brewing has four Core beers that really keep their fans coming back every year to see what they might have in their seasonal selections.  Whether in the store or at the taps, their loyal patrons always find a reason to love Six Point, and it seems that we’ve found quite a few reasons as well.  Below we have listed Six Point’s four Core beers and our thoughts on each one.

  • Sweet Action – This brew is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and iced with some fantasy.  That is to say, it’s one wild brew.  The citrus aroma leads to a very earthy, nutty brew that has a solid hop finish on it.  Overall it is our go-to craft ale with Six Point and at 5.2% ABV, it is perfect for those patio gatherings.
  • Bengali – What can we say about Bengali, other than the fact that it is amazing?  The aroma is classic IPA, with all the citrus you can tolerate.  Medium texture and a flavor that features more citrus, a hint of floral, and a nice piney linger leads to a bitter finish that we expect of a good IPA.  Overall, this brew is worth keeping around and with an ABV of 6.5%, it is one that you can relax with.
  • The Crisp – The third Core beer on Six Point’s list of rock-solid year-round brews, this craft beer is a very nice German Pilsner that has been redesigned by Six Point to be a rock star in its own right.  Reviewers at BeerAdvocate were wowed by this brew and so were we.  Crisp is certainly a good name for this hopped up Pilsner, as it has a great bite to it that pairs really well with rich and creamy meals, cutting through the cream to balance everything out.
  • Resin – We reviewed Resin once before, but as it is one of Six Point’s core brews, we’ve added it here as well.  Resin is the epitome of sticky, herbal, hoppy goodness in a can.  If you absolutely love hoppy brews, you’re going to be a permanent fan of Six Point after you try this craft brew.  With an ABV of 9.1%, there is a great balance between aroma, flavor, alcohol, and a coated finish that really stays with you long after you’ve finished the glass.

Six Points for a win

Six Point gained our allegiance and will gain yours as well.  We hope you get a chance to check out some of their great brews.  Once you do, stop back in and tell us what you thought about them.  We’d love to hear from you!



May 9, 2017