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Somerston Wine Company: Quality and Variety

Our Journey

When it comes to wine, the Napa Valley region of California is likely the most well-known region in the United States for people to bring up when discussing outstanding premium wines. This is not surprising, given the great range of soils and weather, as well as the lovely landscape upon which winemakers have chosen to plant their vines in their bid for success.

Somerston has a wide range of excellence

Somerston Wine Company has been around for quite a few years and gained the knowledge and experience within their production that is truly necessary to produce outstanding premium wines. From their winemaker to their vineyard manager, they have taken the steps to ensure that everyone is well-educated in the industry and has the same drive for quality and excellence that they desire and exemplify. Without great staff members, they could not excel in the industry, much like every other winery and vineyard in the wine making industry has shown.

Connected to Priest Ranch, this winemaker has already shown what it can do with great red wines. However, the Somerston white wines are delicious as well! In addition, the Highflyer wines they produce have shown great success and we had the opportunity to try their Highflyer Syrah recently. The aroma of the vintage was absolutely lovely, featuring plenty of fruit character and the taste was divine. Rated at 90/100 by Snooth, this wine, as well as all of the other Highflyer series wines are easily obtained in a great price range, making them a very accessible collection of premium wines.

Vineyards in a range of micro-climates help and tours are encouraged

With over 15 vineyards that feature some of the best vines in the region, Somerston has the opportunity to source grapes from their own vineyard blocks very selectively. This has helped them to ensure that their wines come from only the best grapes, with great flavor and tannins. The fact that they take so much care in their harvest, as well as the entire season, are one of the reasons we really love this winemaker. There is something to be said for those who possess the dedication and drive to only use the best, resulting in the best quality for their wine labels.

If you take the time to visit Somerston Wine Company, make sure you take a tour of their lovely facility. Their staff members are very welcoming and knowledgeable, creating at atmosphere of warmth and security. Their love for the wines they produce simply adds to that feeling, which makes it nearly feel like coming home. Be sure to stop back here as well and tell us about your experience! We love to hear from our readers and your comment might be the cause of our next feature post! In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida, happy tasting!


May 17, 2017