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Sometimes a Scotch Ale is exactly what you need

Our Journey

Since we checked out Oskar Blues IPA, we decided that trying Old Chub Scotch Ale would be a good idea, and boy were we right.  It seems we’ll be on a journey down the Oskar Blues line in the future, as both these brews have turned out to be top-notch brews and that bodes very well for the rest of their fare.

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch AleEvery journey should start with a great brew and continue with more

We started our journey with their lovely IPA, but the transition to this outstanding Scottish-style ale was certainly worth the time.  For those who don’t know, Scottish ales tend to be strong.  Really strong.  The type of strong that will lead you along a merry path, then kick you right in the pants when you least expect it.  That is true of this brew, with its 8% ABV that is barely noticeable through the delicious malt bill.

If you’re not already into the darker end of craft beers, you will be after you try this one.  The slightly smoky quality of this malt monster adds an entirely new level of delicious to the mix and the chocolate and coffee hints make it a hit for us and will for you, too.  Everything has been blended together in perfect harmony to create a dark brew that is highly drinkable and really will sneak up and kick you right in the pants.  Keep an eye on that sneaky ABV folks, or you’ll be entertaining the taproom with some very interesting antics.

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale has a lovely colorCuriosity made us go searching out other views as well

While we always make our own decision on brews we come across, sometimes we get curious about what others have said about them.  That was the case with this brew, as we really loved it, but wondered if were those “one-off” tasters.  Apparently, according to BeerAdvocate, that is not the case at all, as the reviews there are in line with ours.  Folks seem to love the brew, comparing it with Founder’s Dirty Bastard in quality.  Not bad we say, not bad at all.

As you can see in the picture at left, this brew is truly a dark ale.  The gorgeous caramel head was about 1 inch at pouring, which we forgot to grab a picture of.  That seems to happen quite often when we fall in love with a brew’s aroma, as we did with this one for sure.  The aroma is roasty with hints of brown sugar and chocolate.  The taste is a great malty blend of sweetness with barely a hint of hops in there, while the finish is a bit sour and has a slight floral hint to it.

Overall this brew was entirely worth the time and we’re proud to say that here in West Palm Beach, Florida we plan to grab another bunch of cans for a “second test”.  After all, we might have been wrong the first go-round right?  Ok, not really, but it makes a great excuse to try some more of this delicious craft beer from Oskar Blues.

Remember to leave us a comment about your thoughts on this brew, or let us know about other Oskar Blues brews you’ve tried.  Your comment just might lead to our next feature post!




Apr 20, 2017