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Sonoma Valley Chardonnays: Delicious

Our Journey

While others are talking about the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and many others varietal wines on the market, we’re thinking about Sonoma Valley Chardonnays.  California has been producing outstanding premium wines for decades and we feel it’s time to give a bit of credit to those vineyards that are producing some of the best Chardonnays on the market today.  After all, they work just as hard as everyone else and we bet they get a bit tired of hearing about all of the other varietals so often.

Sonoma Valley Chardonnays are produced from outstanding grapesChardonnays are not an unpopular choice by any means.  However, they do seem to gain a lot less notice than the reds and we think that needs to change.  The dedication and effort that go into these premium wines is no less than their counterparts and we’re proud of that fact here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  So, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the outstanding Chardonnays we’ve tasted over the years.

While some, of course, are on the higher end in price, there are still some that can be considered an “every man” type of wine, though to be honest we classify all of them that way.  Every man (and woman) deserves to taste a premium wine that really is filled with the dedication and hard work of its vintners.  Aside from all of that, on to the Sonoma Valley Chardonnays!

Sonoma Valley Chardonnays require careful tending of the grapes to produce outstanding resultsSonoma Valley Chardonnays you really need to taste to appreciate

Canihan Family Cellars produced an outstanding 2013 vintage that really does deserve some credit.  In fact, it is featured in TheFiftyBest list for Chardonnays in the area!  We have to say, the price is very reasonable for this amazing premium Chardonnay and we certainly list it in our “every man” list of wines.  At a mere $39 a bottle, this vintage will really surprise you with its quality.  In fact, we plan to feature this lovely vineyard later for their outstanding dedication to the craft.

Alexander Valley Vineyards is next on our list with their 2015 Chardonnay.  Don’t let the price on this one fool you.  Although it features a low price of $18 per bottle, the quality will please your palette as much as the price tag pleases your wallet!  Alexander Valley Vineyards are well-known for their quality premium wines and this one will not disappoint you in the least.  Perhaps it’s their practice of harvesting at night when the grapes are the coolest that allows them to gain such great flavor and texture for their Chardonnay.  Whatever the cause, it’s worth having a bottle in the rack.

Next, we come to Cline Family Cellars with their 2014 Estate Chardonnay.  We absolutely loved the aroma and palate on this wine.  Both contain a highly citrus and fruit-filled mixture that simply leave the taste buds dancing as you experience each flavor over time.  This wine is aged for up to three years in french oak barrels and is simply delicious.  Weighing in at only $20 per bottle, we would have been surprised at the quality if we didn’t already know that Cline Family Cellars produces such great wine.

Last in our list (yes we realize it is short, but we want to feature more wines in the future), is Bonneau Winery’s 2013 Los Carneros Chardonnay.  This Special Select wine rings in at $48 per bottle, a price we tend to expect from most premium wines of the area.  The quality is fantastic from nose to palate and the wine really does seem to evolve as it rests.  Tasting this wine was like taking a walk through the vineyards themselves and we’d be happy to try each of their renowned vintages one-by-one.

We hope you get a chance to try some of these amazing Sonoma Valley Chardonnays, as they really are worth the trip.  If you are not able to go directly to the source, make sure to see if they are available to you from other outlets, because you won’t want to miss these delicious bottles.  We’ll be featuring more outstanding wines as we work hard towards the opening of our brewery and wine vault in West Palm beach later in April.




Jan 24, 2017