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Why is South Florida the hottest spot for your vacation

Our Journey

South Florida has a great variety of sights and attractions for you to add to your vacation itinerary. Whether you are an avid adventurer who enjoys kayaking, windsurfing, and beach volleyball or a more studious type who prefers the museums and local art scene, Florida has plenty for you to see and do. West Palm Beach is one of the best areas of the state to visit, where you can find plenty of other folks who would agree.

Food or drink or both just might do as well

While you’re enjoying your vacation, make sure to check out some of the amazing restaurants and craft breweries we have for you to visit. No matter what your tastes, we have a restaurant to suit your dining needs. The same goes for our craft beer locations, as we offer a great selection of brews at the many breweries in the area.

Restaurants in West Palm Beach are divine

Havana Restaurant offers some of the best Cuban cuisines in the entire state. However, if your tastes run a bit more towards the Tuscan region, BRIO Tuscan Grille will happily cater to your needs. Or perhaps you prefer a great sandwich from the other side of the tracks. In that case, you’ll want to head for the many food trucks that dot the area, most often placed near one of the outstanding breweries and taprooms. We love our food trucks and we definitely love pairing their food with a delicious craft beer, so give it a try and see why we love it so much.

Craft beer is the perfect pairing for your meal

South Florida features some really great craft breweries, including some new craft breweries that will be opening later this year. Be sure to check out Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa Bay, Florida during your visit to this lovely state. They have one of the largest lines of craft beer in the industry and their brews are both interesting and delicious.

Other breweries include Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks, where you can try some of the best craft cider in the United States, as well as Tequesta Brewing, where you will immediately feel drawn into their world of crafty goodness. We strongly suggest checking them out, as their brews are excellent, the staff is knowledgeable, and the memories will be well worth the time.

Check us out later this year as well!

If your vacation is planned for later this year, closer to Biketoberfest, make sure to stop by and check us out here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault. We’ll be opening our doors to the public later this year and we’d love to see you there! In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida, we hope you have a great vacation!


May 12, 2017