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South Florida has several reasons to smile this season

Our Journey

Winter is a season that tends to bring about sadness for many folks.  This is not because they dislike the cold so much as it is related to the general overcast conditions and indoor living that comes with the season.  However, that is just one more reason to get yourselves out and take a trip to South Florida!

Break through the winter blues with a trip to South Florida!Winter is the best season for a trip to South Florida

One great way to get rid of the winter blues, and all of the negative effects that go with them, is to take a trip somewhere sunny and warm.  South Florida certainly has that covered, as it is definitely sunny, as well as warmer than the rest of the country right now.  Yes, we realize you’re mad at us, Northern States, but come visit and you’ll change your tune!

Nothing breaks that winter dread like fun, sun, and great sightseeing.  Add to those a glass of great craft beer and you have a winning combination!  Here in South Florida, we have all of that.  From sunny beaches to fun events and activities, you’ll find plenty to bring your spirits back up and keep you entertained.  However, don’t forget to stop in to check out the great craft beer that is available throughout the region!

Delicious craft beer, big screen TVs, and fun staff

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we have all of the makings of a great time.  From the delicious classic craft beer styles we brew right here, in-house, to the huge TVs and smiling staff, we are sure to be your go-to place for fun.  If you’re hungry, stop by The Intracoastal Kitchen, located here at the brewery, and grab some mouth-watering food made by Chef Andrew.  You’re sure to find plenty of reasons to smile here and we can’t wait to see you!


Jan 31, 2018