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Steam Jack Florida Common from Crooked Can

Our Journey

Steam Jack from Crooked Can Brewing is greatWhen we first heard the name Crooked Can Brewing, we just had to check them out.  With a name that interesting, we wanted to see what they had to offer and boy we were not disappointed.  We recently checked out their brew called Steam Jack and the results were great.

This brew has very few ratings out there, which saddens us.  RateBeer had mentioned the brew and the few reviews available were pretty darn good, so we decided to see what we thought of it.  Poured into a glass, this brew has a gorgeous color and hefty head to it.  And believe us when we say it really doesn’t matter how you pour it, you’re getting head.

Once we got over how great the color is in this brew, we noticed that the aroma is quite distinctive.  We don’t mean that as a bad thing because it’s pretty awesome.  The aroma is very malty, yet has a citrus nose to it that really makes you curious about the flavor, which is exactly what the aroma should do.  Off to a great start, we decided to give it a taste and wow… just wow.

When they say this brew is “Unfiddled With”, it refers to the phrase the brew master’s grandfather used to use when discussing his craft.  “Stop fiddling and just make great beer” turned into the “Unfiddled With” mantra and we’re glad they listened because the flavor of this brew is really great.  While we expected the brew to be pretty awesome, we weren’t expecting a brew that we would want to keep around as a Go-To brew, but that is exactly what we encountered.

The flavor profile on this brew is malty, roasty, and citrusy all at once, with a hint of piney oil in there as well.  You can definitely tell there is a hopcentric side to the brew, but it’s not overpowering or underpowering either.  All in all, we found this to be a really great lager/ale blend and we plan to buy more of it.  The price wasn’t bad either, which is certainly a plus.

If you get a chance to check out this brew, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of it and where you purchased it.  We love to hear from our readers and having a bit of an idea where these lesser known brews are being sold is always a great resource for others in our craft beer community.

That’s all from us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault for now, as we have a lot of work to complete before our opening later this year.  We hope to see all of you there!


Apr 19, 2017