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Still drinking winter brews during spring break?

Our Journey

If you’re still drinking winter brews during spring break, you’re going to love what we have to show you! We, too, love these winter brews and wish they would stay around all year long. However, we realize that craft breweries need to keep up with the seasons and meet the demands of the many, so we’ve been collecting the winter brews we really love and hoarding them for later in the year. At least, we’ve done that with the ones we’re sure will age well, such as the delicious barrel-aged beers we adore.

What types of winter brews have you been collecting?

If we have any doubt as to the year-round availability of a great brew, we want to see whether it will age well.  Once that is established, we love to collect those brews and keep them stashed away to enjoy later in the year.  After all, why not hoard a few great bottles of craft beer to enjoy them later right?  There is certainly nothing wrong with a tiny bit of hoarding, especially when it comes to amazing craft beer.

We’ve been collecting a few brews that you really ought to try before they disappear.  For example, check out the list below of some of the outstanding winter brews we’ve come across.  While they may not all be ones that we can age throughout the year, they are certainly worth grabbing before they’re gone!

This is just a short list of some of the great brews we’ve found that really suit the winter theme and taste great.  We admit to having a few of these around, as we’ve really enjoyed the flavor profile of each.  Our resident Portaholic has stashed away at least one bottle of Funky Buddha’s NIB Smuggler in a location that she won’t even disclose to her husband, which says quite a lot about the brew.  In turn, her husband has hidden some 4 Elf and won’t give up the location either.  Apparently those two brews gained quite the attachment for them.

Why are winter brews so great?

Many winter brews are barrel aged, which adds a layer of “burn” to the craft beers that helps to keep us warm, or at least we seem to believe that.  They make a great addition to any aging plans, as well as being outstanding winter gifts to friends and family.  Plus they’re just delicious, which is more than enough reason to stash away a bottle or two for future enjoyment.

We’d love to hear about some of the great winter brews you’ve come across, as well as any that you’ve found to be great for bottle aging!  Leave us a comment and perhaps your brew will become our next feature.  In the meantime, we’ll be working away and heading towards our planned Labor Day opening here in West Palm Beach in South Florida.


Mar 13, 2017