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Stone Delicious IPA: Citrusy IPAs that pop

Our Journey

Stone Brewing Company is coming out with some great brews.  Their Stone Delicious IPA has a great citrusy taste to it that caught our attention in a big way.  This led us to wonder about the many other citrusy IPAs we have tried over time and thus, we decided it was time to feature these delicious brews.

Citrusy IPAs are a great option to try!Citrusy IPAs really hit the spot

Citrusy IPAs have become quite popular over the years and we can really see why.  Brews like Stone Delicious IPA, with its Lemondrop and El Dorado Hops, perfect bitter bite blended with a candy-like taste are the reason enthusiasts keep coming back for more from these amazing brew masters.  India Pale Ales are the bread and butter of their company according to their website statement and we can see why, as their brews are loved by everyone who tries them.

We’ve tried several of Stone Brewing’s offerings and we can honestly say they have some of the best craft beers on the market today.  Competing with companies like Funky Buddha, Founders Brewing Company, and more, they have managed to hold their own in style with some outstanding craft brews and delightful creativity within their craft.  This is proven by the fact that they show steady sales and a customer base that just seems to keep growing larger every year.

Citrusy IPAs are an interesting twist on the more typical IPA flavor

Stone Brewing isn’t the only one coming out with these amazing brews, but they certainly do have a strong hold on the process.  Something about the lemon candy tang of their Stone Delicious IPA balances out the bitterness of the brew, while the floral hints of the hops remind us of the base of this brew, which is an amazing IPA with perfect additions blended into it.

Another great brew in this area is Funky Buddha’s More Moro Blood Orange IPA, which offers the classic IPA style with additions of Blood Oranges sourced with high standards in mind.  That’s not the only great feature of this brew, as it also possesses a grapefruit citrus hops flavor that really kicks back when paired with the blood orange profile.  Both are backed up by a hint of caramel that helps to really sweeten the deal on this outstanding citrusy IPA.

Finally, there is Last Chance IPA from Weyerbacher Brewing, which is an outstanding example of how citrusy IPAs are meant to be.  The generous blend of hops in this brew is perfect for showcasing the citrus flavor profile of these great craft beers.  This brew is both wet and dry hopped, giving it an even higher citrus profile from the Mosaic and Citra hops used in both processes, while the Cascade and Centennial hops used in the wet hop process help to balance everything out into a well-blended delight of flavor and finish.

Citrusy IPAs need to be on your “must have” list of brews

We suggest checking out some of the great citrusy IPAs that you can find on the market as soon as you can.  We’re sure you will be adding one or two to that “must have” list of brews that you want to keep around all of the time.  We all have that one special list of craft beers that we cannot live without, and we already have a few of these on that list.

We look forward to hearing from you about the many varieties of citrus IPAs you’ve come across in your travels, just as we enjoy reporting on the ones we find in ours.  Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about the brews you’ve found and we just might make them our next feature!


Mar 6, 2017