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Summer brews are crisp and refreshing!

Our Journey

Summer has already begun to slap Spring into the background in most regions across the United States. With temperatures rising faster than yeast on steroids, the craft beer community has begun to seek out those crisp and refreshing summer brews that will become the hottest thing since the discovery of watermelon within another week or so.

What types of brews are going to be taking the lead?

Cigar City Brewing will certainly have a hand in the brews rising to the top as Summer stomps its way in, with Funky Buddha marching right alongside them on the line. These two craft breweries are known for their interesting brews that seem to fit right into the Summer season. For example, Funky Buddha has an outstanding line of brews that slide right into your Summer festivities, such as their Eternal Summer. The luscious blonde ale is crisp, refreshing, and has enough aromatic hops to keep your senses engaged while you kick back and enjoy the day.

Another great brew to sip while you watch those gorgeous summer sunsets is their amazing Pineapple Beach, another blonde ale with a bit of the islands infused within the bottle. Both of the mentioned brews are on tap right now at the Funky Buddha taproom, which happens to be a hot spot right now and throughout most of the year as well.

Cigar City all the way

Tampa Bay is another hot spot all year round due to its outstanding weather and lovely beaches. However, it is the delightful craft beer that we are truly interested in (ok, that and maybe a bikini or two). Right now they have something interesting on tap that you might want to try. Margarita Gose isn’t quite the brew you are used to, but this sour beer has a flavor that screams summer with its lime and citrus, and no margarita would be complete without a bit of salt!

Be sure to stop in at their taproom and check out their Guava Grove as well. An American Sour Ale, Guava Grove is another brew that simply smacks of summer fun and refreshing flavor. Sour brews are gaining a lot of popularity lately, so you’ll have no end of tasting adventure at Cigar City Brewing Company this season.

Tell us about your experiences!

We really enjoy reading about the experiences our readers have had while checking out new brews, old and new craft breweries, and some of the wackier sides of the brewing industry. Leave us a comment about any of the great summer-style brews you have tried and perhaps we’ll make your brew our next feature post!

In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting and we hope to see you later this year at our opening!


Jun 4, 2017