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Sweet craft beers are making a huge impact

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While the craft brewing industry sees more demand every year, it seems that the current trend is towards sweet craft beers.  Yes, you heard us, it seems that the chocoholics and other sweet tooth sufferers are ruling the industry right now and sweet craft beers are what they want.  Brewmasters across the United States have stepped up to fill this demand and a huge variety of sweet beers have hit the market over time.  While some have since been retired, and others listed only as seasonal brews, some are year-round favorites that really rock.

Sweet craft beers are implementing great thingsHit me with some sweet craft beers

21st Amendment Brewery hits the top of the list (which really has no order, we just really like the Amendment theme given the recent inauguration) with their Hell or High Watermelon brew.  This American wheat beer is brewed with sweet watermelon and results in a crisp yet dry brew.  It certainly hits a sweet note though and we really enjoyed the sweet, summery finish on this delicious brew.

Next up we have Berghoff Brewing Company and their Rockin Bock rye and wheat beer.  This beer is sweet in an unusual way and the texture and finish are pretty darn great.  The hints of toasted caramel really fit the bill in the demand for a sweet craft beer and we loved the fruity edge to it as well.

Odell Brewing Company hit the perfect notes with their Lugene, a chocolate milk stout that really rocked.  Although they’ve since retired the run, this brew was outstanding!  A chocoholic’s dream, it was creamy, delicious, and sweet was certainly an understatement.  You’d think a stout wouldn’t quite reach sweet with that biting end taste but this one really pulled it off.

And of course who could forget EvilTwin Brewing’s Liquid Double Fudge?  Yes, this is one of those sweet craft beers that is brewed with actual fudge!  The creamy result is outstanding and if you’re a chocoholic, you’re going to be begging for a direct tap line to be run to your home.  It is well-worth buying a few extras to stash away because this brew is certainly a sweet tooth’s best friend.

Arbor Brewing Company created one heck of a twist in Espresso Love, an oatmeal and roasted coffee blend brew with a very rich and creamy malt character.  The smooth finish on this brew suits the chocolatey and slightly bitter edge.  Overall it makes a really great seasonal beer and it’s available on draft from January until supplies run out.

Oskar Blues Brewery certainly hit the sweet craft beers hard with their Death by Coconut.  This lovely brew is an Irish Porter, which automatically denotes sweet and delicious.  As a once-a-year beer, this one definitely covers anyone’s sweet tooth with its liquid cacao and coconut hints added to a semi-sweet porter.

Rogue Brewing Company treated the industry with their Double Chocolate Stout which takes a wide range of ingredients and blends them together perfectly.  This evolution of their Chocolate Stout certainly fits the bill for sweet and their Rebel hops simply adds another layer to the already amazing palette that includes honey and roasted barley.

Firestone Walker’s brew Velvet Merlin is next on our list of sweet craft beers, even though it has a dry finish to it.  Something in the blend of chocolate, roasted coffee, American hops, cocoa, and espresso really provides just the right warmth and creaminess to warm up your sweet tooth.  This brew has a seasonal taste that fits a year-round desire and we’re glad we tried it, especially during the cold winter season!

Last on our list is Brooklyn Brewery’s delicious Black Chocolate Stout.  This lovely Russian Imperial Stout deserves high honors for its long-lived popularity and the availability is set from October through March each year.  Not only does the blend of hops and mashes please the palatte, but this stout also ages well in the bottle, making it a great brew for holding over!  We are not surprised, considering it follows the classic Russian Imperial Stout trend that impressed Catherine the Great so many centuries ago.

Sweet craft beers are giving room for creativityCheck your sweet tooth at the door and try sweet craft beers when you can

We hope you get a chance to try some of the sweet craft beers we’ve featured.  Although some are only listed as seasonal, it is worth checking around to see if they are available to you.  We have been truly impressed by the quality and excellence that new craft breweries are putting into their craft beers and we look forward to trying even more of the great labels available in the future.

As we work our way towards our opening here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we are actively checking out a great variety of craft beer and premium wines from all over the United States.  We’ve found a wealth of inspiration from our competitors’ wares and we hope to match their high standards after we open our doors in April.  We look forward to seeing you after our opening!



Jan 27, 2017