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Sweet oak & bourbon barrels make great barleywine ale

Our Journey

gi-bourbon-3Wow.  I’m interrupting the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault’s tasting panel to blog about bourbon barrel aging.

Everyone knows that a lot of craft breweries around the country, not just South Florida, age their beers, or some of their beers, in bourbon barrels.

Bourbon barrels can create a “sting” or a whiskey sensation that is sharp, a bit harsh.

But, try the Goose Island  Bourbon County Barleywine Ale.  It is delicious.  You get a lot of sweet oak ( I assume the barrels are oak.)  You will love this or hate it, and I’m betting that you really enjoy it.  I thought it was a stunning example of a bourbon barrel aged ale. Well done Goose Island !

The nose is definitely bourbon or whiskey.  On the palate, there is a lot going on. Try it and see !

Many of  you know bourbon barrel aging on bigger or darker beers. For example, one of my favorites is Brooklyn Lager’s Black Ops.  That has some barrel aging and each time I try it, I experience more of the bourbon influence.



Dec 15, 2016