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Take a walk on the Boulevard

Our Journey

It’s time to take a walk on the Boulevard and join us to discover some great craft beer.  Boulevard Brewing Company offers a range of great year-round and seasonal brews, as well as some specialty brews we love.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this brewery offers a range of tour options, including a free 60-minute tour through the facility.  Pretty cool options if you ask us, considering the other two also include free beer tastings!

The Boulevard is a great place to visit!

As for their beer itself, there are a few we really love.  All of their brews are great, but as we all know, everyone has different tastes.  Our personal favorites have been Bully! Porter, 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer, KC Pils, and Dark Truth Stout.  Yes, it’s a pretty bouncy range, but they were interesting brews that really count our attention, especially the KC Pils, their take on the American Lager.  When they say it’s a premium brew, they mean it.

As usual, our resident Portaholic fell for Bully! Porter right away.  Her take on it was that it has a toasted malt aroma with hints of chocolate oranges and espresso, followed by a medium bodied texture full of layered flavor, and finished off with a slightly bitter but smooth ending that would suit a meal like Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli (one of her favorites).  We’re taking her word for it and you should too.

Dark Truth Stout, because sometimes the truth is what you need.  This brew was very intriguing.  The aroma was delicious and led to a taste that we want more of.  Something about the espresso, fruits, and what tasted like liquid cream just blended perfectly and the slightly dry but smooth finish was excellent.  Even our Portaholic liked it, which is a stretch for her, but we sometimes get lucky when we find great Stouts.

Boulevard Brewing is a great place, but so is Union Station!A great trip on the Boulevard

Overall, the trip to Missouri was a success.  Not only did we get to tour a great facility and taste some amazing brews, we got to see some pretty interesting sights too.  We suggest that you visit this interesting state and check out the craft breweries they have to offer.  While you’re on your road trip, check out some sights too, like Union Station and the Truman Farm Home.  Don’t forget to stop in at St. Joseph, too, where the Pony Express riders used to saddle up before heading to Sacremento!

After wandering through Missouri, head on down to Florida and check out West Palm Beach, where there is a lot going on in the Warehouse District.  This area is getting one heck of a facelift and you’ll soon find a wide range of interesting shops to visit, breweries to tour, and even a farm fresh produce market!  We can’t wait to see you!


Feb 1, 2017