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Take a walk on Honeyspot Road

Our Journey

While we can’t promise that you won’t come across some interesting folks while taking a wander along the path of Honeyspot Road, we can assure you there won’t be any bison like those featured in the picture above.  Though, if you do happen to see one, you might want to put down the glass and call a taxi.  No, really, please call a taxi.

Who created Honeyspot Road IPA?

The brewery responsible for the creation of this delicious craft beer is Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, Connecticut.  These folks produce some outstanding craft beer and we’re really glad we took the time to check out their offerings.  Their tasting room is first come, first served, so you want to get there early to ensure you get a chance to taste all of their delicious brews that they have on draft.

We’ll be telling you more about Two Roads Brewing Company in a later post, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.  For now, let’s focus on what is important today, which is their great craft beer!  With this great brew around, they certainly have a handy dose of hazy, golden deliciousness to pass around and share with the craft beer community.

What do people think about Honeyspot Road IPA?

There are plenty of reviews out there on Honeyspot Road.  BeerAdvocate, Ratebeer, and others have reviews that vary, as it often the case.  Not everyone likes the same brews, which is part of what makes the craft brewing community so interesting.  The diversity of tastes is astounding.  Our take on Honeyspot Road IPA is as follows:

  • Color:  The color of the brew is hazy and somewhat pale.  Although this seems to put off some enthusiasts, we found it to be a refreshing change from the many darker brews we’d been tasting lately.
  • Aroma:  You can definitely sense the strong wheat backbone on this one, with plenty of hints at the great selection of hops as well.  The aroma wasn’t overly strong, but enough to draw us in for a taste.
  • Taste:  The brew has a really great wheat backbone to it that lends a variety of flavor hints, while not taking away from the hops character of the brew.  Plenty of citrusy accents, a bit of wheaty grass, blended with some nice floral notes.
  • Texture:  Outstanding mouthfeel on this brew.  We’re quite sure the wheat helps to balance out what could have been a pretty hoppy brew without it.
  • Overall:  Sure, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this brew is a great choice from Two Roads and we’d happily try it again in the future.  At just 6% ABV, it’s one that you won’t want to power drink but won’t have to sip carefully either.  Great combination in a great craft beer.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment about what you thought of this brew if you’ve had the chance to try it.  Also, let us know about any other Two Roads brews you’ve come across in your travels.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment could spark our next feature post!  In the meantime, we’re signing off from West Palm Beach, Florida, where we’re still working hard to get ready for our own opening later this year.  Happy brewing!



Apr 21, 2017