Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm, M-F

Taking a Serious Moment

Our Journey

We all have those moments in our lives where we step back and realize we’ve done too much, felt too much. In those moments, we need a moment. Just one. A moment when we step outside our routine and spend a bit of time for ourselves. Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we’d like to acknowledge those moments and invite you to stop by and enjoy them with us.

Take a Moment for Yourself

Everyone has ups and downs in life. The trick is to keep things in balance. However, you cannot do that without taking time for yourself. Even if it is just an hour (or even a lunch break) where you let yourself relax and reflect, you need to do it. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, construction worker, horse trainer, or a writer. You need to take of you before you can help anyone else.

Stop by our location on Evernia Street in West Palm Beach and take a break from the stress of everyday life. Grab a glass of wine or delicious craft beer and kick back for a bit. Try the food at The Intracoastal Kitchen and send your taste buds on an adventure. Or just enjoy a great discussion with others about craft beer, wine, or great food. We’d love to have you!

Take a Tour and Relax!

While you’re here, consider taking a tour of our brewing facility. We brew all of our house brews right here, which means you are being served fresh craft beer, every pour. We take pride in our craft and love to discuss the brewery and the process with our patrons.

We look forward to seeing you and have plenty of great brews and wines for you to check out, including our delicious Metermaid IPA, Dad’s Blend wine, and don’t forget out amazing food! Grab some wings, pull up a seat, and enjoy your break. Cheers!


Feb 28, 2018