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Tap into a Boulevard of taste

Our Journey

As we work our way towards our own opening in October here in South Florida, we decided to take some time to look at the many other great old and new craft breweries around the United States.  One such brewery that seems to continuously catch our attention is Boulevard Brewing Company in Missouri.  These folks have shown so much dedication to promoting community awareness while creating the outstanding craft beer they are known for, that we simply have to tip our hats to them one more time.  Well, that and we really enjoy tapping into a Boulevard of taste once in a while.

What are the brews available at Boulevard Brewing?

There is always a great range of brews available from Boulevard Brewing, including their flagship brews and a variety of others.  Some of our favorites from these great people include:

  • American Kolsch
  • Bully! Porter
  • Heavy Lifting IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • Zon Belgian-style Witbier
  • Hibiscus Gose
  • Dark Truth Stout

There are obviously more brews available from this great brewing company, including a few new, limited release brews, but you’ll have to pay them a visit to find out the full list of what they have to offer.  After all, what’s more fun than visiting an amazing brewery and checking out their brews?  Especially when that visit is accompanied by a road trip!

What else makes Boulevard a great brewing company?

If you’ve taken a look at their brew list, you can already see that this brewing company is doing great where the brews are concerned.  However, there is so much more to this place than their brews (though that would be enough!), including their outstanding efforts to keep their local community at the front of their minds.  They’ve taken huge steps to improve the quality of living in their local community with their drive towards cleaner, greener brewing that includes:

  • Water recycling initiatives
  • Green energy efforts
  • Building a recycling center for the community
  • Creating a green rooftop
  • and so much more!

It seems like no matter what direction you look, this brewing company has set their foot down and made an impact in a great way.  We hope that all craft breweries here in the United States take the same initiative and really push forward with ways to make their communities better and give them a brighter, cleaner, greener future.

Here in West Palm Beach, we’re looking at the same type of drive in our local communities.  It’s great seeing the Warehouse District open up into a place of commerce and bright possibilities for others.  With so many great businesses moving in, we’re sure to see the same bright future here in South Florida that Boulevard Brewing Company has created for their own community in Missouri.

Does your local brewery have great plans?

If you have a local brewery that is taking steps to really get involved in the community, leave us a comment and tell us about them!  We’d love to hear from you and we really enjoy featuring breweries that are making an impact.  We hope to hear from you soon and, until then, happy tasting!



Jun 20, 2017