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Tapping into great beer

Our Journey

This summer there are a variety of events to check out, especially events that feature craft beer.  With that in mind, we got to thinking about what different brews we hope to find on tap this season.  Sure, there are a wide variety of brews out there to choose from, but we’re talking style, not label.  Although, we’re always on the hunt for some outstanding label art!

Wait, label art what?

That’s right, label art.  We love to find unique and interesting artwork at the craft breweries we visit.  It shows a level of dedication to the craft that has been otherwise lost in our view.  It’s a well-known fact that craft breweries have become strong backers of the arts, which is something we think is great.  It fits in quite well with the way they support their communities and try to ensure a better future for the youth of those communities.

And where does that support usually happen?  In the taprooms, and outside of course.  Craft breweries all over the United States host interesting events that help to raise funds for local schools, art museums, and other venues where the arts are promoted in order to keep those things from being lost.  This is something that many communities have had to face happening for quite some time, as the government lowered school funding and many schools had to choose what programs to cut from their curriculums.

What are some great taprooms to visit this summer?

There are a huge number of great taprooms to visit while summer is in full swing!  For example, if you’re in South Florida you should stop by Due South Brewing and check out what their taproom has to offer.  They always have something interesting brewing and you’re sure to enjoy the great atmosphere of the place as well.

Another great place to visit is the Funky Buddha taproom, where there is definitely a wide range of brews for you to check out.  No matter what your preferred brewing style is, the Buddha has it on tap or available in the bottle.  That includes some very interesting Limited Release brews that pop with flavor and aroma and are well-worth checking out.

Don’t forget to hit Boulevard Brewing if you happen to be in the St. Louis, Missouri area, too.  This craft brewery is a leader in the efforts to make communities cleaner and greener, having built their own recycling center after finding out there was no center within a reasonable distance to their community.  Talk about community involvement!  Their brews are just as outstanding as their community dedication and you’ll have a lot of fun talking to the staff and local patrons.

Remember to tell us about the brews you find this summer!

Don’t forget to stop back in here and leave us a comment about the great brews you find throughout your journeys this summer.  We’d love to hear from you and your experience might be the source of our next feature post!  In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jun 19, 2017