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Taproom decor, more than just second hand items

Our Journey

Taproom decor may not sound like it could be a truly intensive subject.  However, many new craft breweries think quite a bit about what they want their taproom to look like.  What is their theme?  Do they even have one?  Do they want to have an open view style to their attached brewery operation?  Do they want to feature items that complement the history of a certain brew?  Or maybe they don’t want a brew-themed taproom at all.  Perhaps they want to promote something else entirely.  These are all things to be considered as the taproom is planned out.

Taproom decor goes so very much farther than just the brews you will drink there.  For example, do you have a taproom nearby that offers a Trivia night?  Do they have decor that highlights some of the trivia answers?  Have you even noticed?  We bet you’ll be looking a bit deeper the next time you visit!  The same can be said of taprooms that feature Reading Club nights, Trivia nights, or even just offer different food trucks.  The decor of the taproom likely matches its events and common themes.

Recycled items make great taproom decorWhat about craft brewery taprooms that have “used stuff” for taproom decor?

Second-hand items are, quite simply, an inexpensive way to decorate a taproom when the brewery is still new.  However, this is not the only reason for decorating with “used stuff”.  Upcycling is a HUGE trend that is not losing ground.  This common activity has popped up as people all over start to think of new ways to use their old items.  Suddenly an old bed frame becomes the “flower bed” in their front yard, or old beer bottles, as pictured, become wall-mounted vases holding fake or even real flowers on taproom walls!  This popular form of recycling has provided a greater range of creativity for taprooms and new craft breweries are happy to join the club.  After all, what better way to make use of items they may have to throw out otherwise?  We’d far rather see them upcycling than adding to the landfills!

Upcycled taproom decor helps to keep landfills emptierSo recycled taproom decor has more to it than just saving money?

Indeed!  Not only do some of these second-hand items provide great hints for Trivia nights, etc. but they could also promote a period of history that a Reading Club is currently covering.  In addition to both of these things, this is an active attempt to keep the environment clean!  By actively practicing upcycling, breweries have a solid chance to do something good for their community while providing interesting discussion points for their patrons.  Who could knock a creative pairing like that?  It nearly beats bacon and chocolate ale (we did say nearly, everyone loves either chocolate or bacon, not everyone loves upcycling).

We hope to see more taprooms utilize this method of decorating in the future, as we all have a responsibility to our community and the world in general where recycling is concerned.  Repurposing older items is just one manner in which breweries can do this.  Another method is barrel aging their brews, but that is a subject for another time!  We hope to see you visit some of the outstanding breweries of the U.S. and, yes, the rest of the world as well.  Meanwhile, here in south Florida, we’ll continue moving towards our opening in April in West Palm Beach and plan our decor for you to enjoy later this year.


Jan 8, 2017