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Craft breweries often have a taproom available in order for patrons to check out the new brews they are working on, or just to grab a draft and shoot the bull with other locals and visitors.  However, some of these amazing craftsmen are taking their taprooms to a new level by hosting cool taproom events that will challenge both your mind and body!

Taproom events based on books are great for challenging your mindWhat kind of taproom events are you talking about?

Let’s start with the events that will challenge your mind.  After all, you already have a great time analyzing the amazing craft beer out there right?  Well, how about taking it a few steps further.  Many taprooms host events like Trivia Night.  While this is a pretty normal event that quite a few places offer, remember that you’re probably going to be drinking a brew with an ABV of anywhere between 4.5% and 12.5%.  Not bad for a handicap right?  Drink slow my friend.

Next up we have some events that may not be to everyone’s taste, but they certainly make your brain work a bit harder.  If you’re a book lover, there are some taprooms that offer reading groups.  While this may sound entirely boring to some of you, there are those who really do analyze the books they read and they read some pretty heavy material.  Why not go and discuss those books while enjoying a craft beer?  Seems perfectly reasonable to us.  If you happen to have one of these events in your local taproom and have never checked it out, consider stopping by some time.  You might find that you really enjoy the discussion just as much as the beer!

Taproom events that involve yoga are great for the body and mindWhat about the health related taproom events?

We’re glad you asked.  Craft breweries, although dedicated to creating delicious brews, do think about the effects that those amazing craft beers can have on our bodies.  This is why some of them offer interesting events to help detox your body and even get a bit of exercise into your routine.  Sure, they offer a brew afterward, but the benefits of the events are far reaching if you make them a regular part of your routine.

For example, some craft breweries offer Yoga classes.  If your local brewery doesn’t have this type of event, we really suggest you mention it to them.  What harm could it do right?  If they’re already heavily involved in the community, this will just be one more way they can bring the community together for a good cause.  Personal health is always a great reason to get together (and yoga pants).

We hope you get involved with some of the great taproom events in your community.  Part of the fun in trying new craft beer is the opportunity to get out and visit with your neighbors, family, and friends and we encourage you to suggest more events and participate any time you can.


Feb 11, 2017