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Taproom tasting; Grab a flight and enjoy the journey

Our Journey

With so many new craft breweries popping up each year across the world, we want to try each new taproom tasting we can.  While we “could” wait for the beer to hit the local store, this is sometimes unrealistic.  Many small craft breweries do not choose to mass bottle their brews for life on the shelf and this means we would miss out on a wealth of amazing brews!  As such, we need to take the time to stop at these taprooms during our journeys and see what they have to offer.  While this may sound pretty darn expensive, it really isn’t!

Taproom tasting allows you to try something newCheck your region to see the taproom tasting local breweries have to offer!

No matter where you live, there is a strong chance that there are a few craft brewing companies nearby.  Don’t believe us?  Check out your local area!  When we say local, we are referring to approximately a 150-mile radius of your home, as this is the best opportunity for a simple, one day trip.  Day trips are great and they give you a chance to check out parts of the area that you may not have noticed previously.  Don’t believe us?  That’s fine, but we can bet that unless you’ve lived your entire life in an area and explored every inch of it, you’ve probably missed some interesting sights!

As we said, day trips are great.  You get out of the house, get a chance to travel with friends or family, and should bring along a couple of growlers in order to bring home some awesome craft beer.  Most breweries offer tours, growler fills, or at the very least, flights you can order as a taproom tasting.  We do suggest the flight option, as you’ll want to try the many different brews they have to offer.

Planning to visit family is a great chance to check out breweries in different areas!

Another great opportunity to try a few new brews is during road trips to visit your family.  Please remember to travel responsibly, as we certainly are not promoting unsafe travel.  However, it wouldn’t be remiss to bring along a few growlers to fill.  After all, showing up with a few surprise gifts just might make the occasion better than you ever expected!  Remember to check the map along your route to see the variety of breweries along the way.  You don’t want to miss out on a taproom tasting that may lie just a mile or two off the path.

taproom tasting is all about the flightOn to the taproom tasting!  Bring in the flights!

Taproom flight tasting is probably the best thing since chocolate cake.  Instead of being stuck with just one brew, you have the opportunity to try several!  We certainly cannot see a downside to this, as you’ll have the chance to see exactly which one you like the best.  With breweries producing more creative beers every year, this could turn into one outstanding experience!

Besides the flights themselves, a taproom offers you the chance to talk to the brewmaster, as many are more than happy to discuss their craft and what went into each brew.  You may run across craft beers that you would never have imagined possible and this is the perfect time to ask where the idea originated!

Learning about the brew seems to make it taste even better

Tours of craft breweries are not at all few or far between.  Make sure to grab a tour if one is available and learn about the process used by the brewmaster.  For those who are adamant about organic beer, this is a great way to see how those brews are made and learn about the ingredient sourcing done by the company.  Many breweries source locally and you just might get a chance to meet the person responsible for growing the ingredients when you’re sitting in the taproom or taking the tour!

We definitely recommend trying flights from each brewery you visit, for several of the reasons mentioned previously.  However, the strongest reason is the opportunity you will have to learn about the brew.  The craft brewing industry is one of innovation and creativity and you might even help to create a new idea, but you’ll never know until you belly up and order that flight!


Jan 9, 2017