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Tasty flights at Accomplice Brewery and Cider Works

Our Journey

There are a ton of new craft breweries in Florida, but only one we know of offers some amazing cider as well.  Given the season, cider sounded absolutely perfect to us, so we hopped in the car and headed over to Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks for one of their tasty flights of beer and ciders.

Great cider and beer makes some very tasty flightsCraft brewed ciders and a warm atmosphere make tasty flights

Whether you want to kick back and play a board game (yep they have them and it’s fun!) or are focused on filling your growler to take home, this place has one heck of a comfortable vibe.  Guests have commented on how proud the owners, Matt Stetson and Felonice Merriman, are of their brews and the dedication that can be heard in their voices as they explain the process.  The fact that they specialize in gluten free beer is astounding, and wow those brews are great!  However, this is about cider, cider, cider, so we’ll leave the brews for another story.

With tap prices for cider running around $6 per 32 oz. you can’t go wrong and the flavor is just plain awesome.  They also have a food pairing coming up on January 19th!  Check out their Bacon pairing, because the prices are pretty darn good and who doesn’t love bacon?  As for their ciders, they have a great kick to them and the variety of flavors is very satisfying.  From their Cider II flavor to their Strawberry cider (both pictured) you’ll be sure to find at least one on their board that suits your tastes.

This cozy taproom in the West Palm Beach industrial district is definitely worth visiting more than once and while you’re there you can check out some of the sights, which include a city filled with building murals, museums, and arts centers that will be sure to pique your interest and enhance your mind.  Come check them out and try their tasty flights!  Also, check out their reviews on Yelp and take a peek at the wide variety of pictures there to get a feel for the many craft brewed ciders they have on tap.


Jan 2, 2017