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Tennessee breweries are great!

Our Journey

With over 4,000 craft breweries in the United States and more popping up every year, it’s no surprise Tennessee is showing its face in the brewing arena!  After all, these folks are already known for their outstanding spirits and we can easily see how they would excel in the craft brewing industry too!  Just the thought of this connection gives way to dreams of delicious bourbon barrel aged brews and more.  We couldn’t resist these fantasies and had to find out for ourselves exactly what these Tennessee breweries had in store for the world.

Not your typical State visit, we stuck to a set path on our trip through the Tennessee breweries

While we didn’t get to bounce all over the state as we really like to do, we did get to visit three breweries that really impressed us.  We started in Knoxville, Tennessee at Saw Works Brewing Company and we were disappointed.  The tour of the site was outstanding.  We have to point that out right away because these folks really do care about their historical places and they showed us a great time.  We learned about the history of the place, as well as getting a free pint of our favorite brew afterward.  To top it off, the tour didn’t cost much and the beer was great!  Our personal favorite was Baby Got Black IPA.  Yes, we realize the name is a bit cheesy, but how many craft beers don’t have a cheesy name?  Exactly, not very many.

As for that brew, we cannot get over the hints of dark chocolate and that 6.0% ABV that was barely noticeable under all that amazing flavor.  The slightly dry, hoppy finish matched up perfectly with the mildly sweet flavor of the brew and we honestly can’t wait to go back again.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for traveling the countryside and discovering other new brews.

Tennessee breweries make great beer!On to Nashville, for more great Tennessee breweries

Our next destination was the amazing Nashville, home of the King.  Although we didn’t have time to visit Graceland, we did get the chance to check out two of the local Tennessee breweries and we were definitely pleased by what we found!  For starters, southern hospitality can be found north of the Mason-Dixon in buckets!  The folks at Tennessee Brew Works were nothing short of welcoming and we had a great time touring their brewery and tasting some of the great craft beer they produce.  We didn’t really want to leave when we were done, but knew we had to check out one more brewery before we headed home to West Palm Beach.

The beer at TBW is excellent.  We tried their Cutaway IPA, Southern Wit, 1927 IPA, and Country Roots.  Each had its own unique flavor and feel to it and we plan to make another trip later this if time permits.  After all, we are in the process of opening our own brewery in April and we have a lot of work left to do!  Our favorite brew from these folks was Country Roots, as this sweet potato stout hit us hard.  The coffee and dark chocolate hints, paired with the smooth finish really did us in.

Tennessee breweries seem to have everythingJackalopes?!  Tennessee breweries seem to have everything!

No, we’re not really saying we saw a jackalope in Tennessee.  Well, we did, but it was on the glasses at Jackalope Brewing Company.  These ladies (yes, ladies) have created a sensation in Nashville that we won’t soon forget.  Their brews are delicious and we had a great time touring the brewery.  They explained their entire process, then invited us to enjoy some of the amazing brews they produce.

If you get the time, read their story HERE and learn about the crew and exactly where this brewery got its unique name.  We also suggest visiting them and taking their tour because these folks really do know their craft.  If you choose to simply visit the taproom, remember to try their seasonal brew Seven Cities German Pilsner.  This one is only available February through March and it’s definitely worth it!

Tennessee breweries make us want to travel more!

Overall, our trip to Tennessee was a huge success, but we had to head home to West Palm Beach.  We really want to travel more, and have extensive plans to do so, but for now we’re looking forward to more work, more progress, and the upcoming opening of our doors to the public at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault!


Feb 3, 2017