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Tequesta Brewing has your summer covered

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At Tequesta Brewing in South Florida, they strive to achieve the perfect balance in each of their delicious craft brews. This has led to them creating some very tasty brews that you can find in their taproom this summer. If you’re planning to visit South Florida this summer or happen to already be here, then you really need to head over to the Tequesta Taproom and check out what they have waiting for you!

Brews to beat the heat

The summer sun is never a forgiving master. This is made obvious by the copious amounts of sunscreen, aloe vera, and other such items sold every year to protect folks from the effects of the summer sun’s ever-so-warm personality. Although that warm embrace feels great at first, it can lead to a variety of problems like dehydration, overheating, and sun burnt skin, which never looks great in a bikini or board shorts.

One great way to beat the heat is to get out of the cast of the sun’s rays and into a taproom, where you can enjoy some really refreshing brews while waiting for the sun to settle down a bit from its summer party. Tequesta Brewing’s taproom is a great place to escape the sun’s revelry, as we’ve proven a few times ourselves. We found out quickly that heading into their taproom and grabbing a flight of great craft beer was the perfect way to take a break, cool off, and enjoy the company of our fellow craft beer enthusiasts.

What brews are on tap at Tequesta?

No matter what you prefer in terms of brewing style, Tequesta likely has something on tap for you to enjoy that fits your desires. They’ve spent quite a long time perfecting their brewing processes and the result is a line of brews that really pop with flavors and aromas. For example, their brew, Gettin It Did, is an IPA that is simply overflowing with aroma, as well as a heavy dose of IBUs (95!). The blend of Simcoe, Chinook, and Azacca hops really crossed well with their chosen malt that creates a solid backbone and gives the brew a smooth mouthfeel. However, perhaps you’re not a fan of massive amounts of hops. In that case, check out the brews we’ve listed below and see which is best suited to your tastes.

  • Coco D Nut – A lovely blend of chocolate and hazelnut make this porter a nicely flavored match for many summer dishes. The creamy smoothness of the brew will easily contrast with many of the spicier summer dishes you’ll encounter and make your taste buds sing.
  • Espresso Chancellor – A delicious coffee Kolsch is exactly what some folks need on a hot summer day. If you’re a fan of Brazillian coffee and love a great brew with a reasonable ABV (5.3%) that is low on the IBUs, this one is perfect for you. Grab a growler and share this one with friends.
  • Terminally Ale – This sessionably ranged brew is the exact thing you need for sipping away the day during the summer. At just 4.3% ABV, this brew offers a delicious alternative to the heavier brews available, while remaining aromatic and delicious to boot.

Check them out and tell us about it!

Let us know about your experience during your visit to Tequesta Brewing. We love hearing from our readers and your comment could spark our next featured brew post. In the meantime, from all of us in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jul 2, 2017