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The Portaholic strikes again with more porters to try

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When it comes to porters, the market has a great variety of porters to try and our resident Portaholic loves to report on them.  From Funky Buddha and their Imperial Maple Bacon Coffee Porter to Founders Brewing, craft breweries all over the United States are popping up with a porter or two that really quench our need for a great porter.  This trend is growing as several breweries produce new craft beer in the porter style every year.

Porters have a great range of options for food pairing

Porters like Goanna Brewing’s Canadian Creamy Porter are great for a number of reasons including their delicious flavor, lovely finish, and their uncanny ability to be paired with a great range of foods.  Food pairing is becoming quite the interesting trend and we love a brew that can be paired with a lot of different foods.  For example, if you’re trying jambalaya, you just might want to consider pairing it with a delicious porter like Founders Brewing Company’s Porter.

There are plenty of porters listed throughout this post that our resident Portaholic has suggested as porters to try.  You will likely find quite a few in the list that you’ll enjoy, as well as a few that you’ll want to add to your “must have on hand” list of brews.  We all have that one collection of brews we keep on hand at all times.  If you don’t, you might want to finally create one, as there are a wealth of craft beers that age amazingly well.

Rich and creamy porters are outstanding

Perhaps you prefer a rich and creamy porter.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewing Company!  This porter has a great range of pairing options from rich and meaty meals to acidic salads and vegetables.  Porters like Anchor Porter from Anchor Brewing are the perfect match for many occasions and meals, which is why they have become so very popular.

In addition, many porters age very well, which makes them great for adding to your permanent collections.  We’ve all been tempted to age a few brews in the bottle after purchase.  Why not start now by picking up a few great craft beers to age for a week or ten?  We’ve done exactly that and found that many of the brews we selected aged very well and even improved over time, something we hadn’t thought possible of those already outstanding brews

Porters to try that have some interesting blends

While we all know of the “typical” styles for porters, there are some craft breweries that are taking things to the next level and creating some really interesting blends.  These flavorful porters are taking the craft beer community by storm, as people start to take interest in the many zany and unusual brews out there on the market.  Porters to try like Kuhnhenn Brewing Company’s Penetration Porter are interesting brews that have a bit of a citrusy twist to them.

Another great craft beer porter to try is Jailhouse Brewing’s Restraining Order Porter, which offers one heck of a great and creative blend for you to enjoy.  You also just might find a few that will be definite adds for your “must have” list of brews that you have stashed away.  Also, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and let us know about what you thought, or about any other great craft brews you think we should check out!

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Mar 5, 2017