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Ballard Canyon: Try Jonata!

Our Journey

Ballard Canyon AVA is known for producing some pretty outstanding premium wines.  However, Jonata wine from Ballard Canyon really surprised us.  We always expect great results, but this vintage was over-the-top in terms of quality and taste.  We found this delightful vintage while traveling around the country and sourcing wines for our rack.  With our opening in West Palm Beach looming closer, we knew we had to find some outstanding premium wines to offer in our tasting room and this trip was worth it!

Jonata wine from Ballard Canyon is great!Ballard Canyon wines belong in your wine rack

When it comes to the wines we select for our racks, we really want to offer the very best we can.  After all, people don’t go to a tasting room to try anything that is subpar right?  Therefore, we’ve spent time traveling the United States and checking out the outstanding wines being produced by the wineries in our country.  We’ve found some amazing wines to offer later on after our opening and Jonata just might be added to that list.  This luscious red is a delight to the senses from aroma to finish and it seems to evolve as it rests.

We tried out their Todos wine, which they list as their “everything” blend.  When they say everything, they mean it!  This lovely wine is blended from ten different varietals and aged in two types of oak!  The result is absolutely stunning and we were quite pleased.  The nose of this wine seems to be a swirling abyss with hints of several different types of berries and grilled meats.  The palate reminded us of more meat along with sweet cream, which was delightful.  The finish was full of tannins and was quite smooth overall.

All-in-all this wine was perfect and the options for pairing it with meals are wide open.  We plan to pair it with several types of hard cheese to start, then try it with some rich meats such as marinated pork.  We expect the result to be quite intriguing given the very layered nature of the wine itself.

Jonata in Ballard Canyon is a great vineyard!

These forward-thinking vintners really care about the wine they produce, as well as the effect they have on the landscape itself.  They focus on sustainability in their growing practices, which is a growing trend throughout the California wine growing region.  Their dedication shows in every bottle and we’re glad to have visited them during our travels.


Feb 1, 2017