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The women of the Pink Boots Society

Our Journey

The craft brewing industry has traditionally been one mostly populated by men, or so we thought until archeologists discovered that the majority of the brewing itself was actually handled by women.  This trend shifted over time, with men taking a heavy role in the brewing industry until women started to step up as brewmasters yet again and the Pink Boots Society was formed!

The Pink Boots Society, empowering women in the craft brewing industryPink Boots Society members are starting to show up in breweries all over

One organization that is taking great steps towards helping women to become more active in the industry is the Pink Boots Society.  This group of women came together to help provide education, support, and hope to other women from brewmaster to table server and their goal is to empower women.  These ladies own and manage breweries throughout the industry and their wealth of experience is insurmountable.

While you may be thinking they only help with learning a little about the industry or perhaps offering an internship, you are wrong.  This organization offers scholarships and their knowledge base goes far beyond just brewing the craft beers that we all love.  They are the brewmasters, apprentices, waitresses, writers, and brainstormers of some of the brightest breweries in the world and they’re willing to share that success with other women in order to give them a better chance for their future.

Education is the key desire of the Pink Boots Society

PBS (no pun intended) pushes for greater learning through practice, but they also want to help women become further educated.  This makes them pretty darn awesome in our book, as it’s great to see other brewmasters sharing their craft and promoting more diversity in the industry!  We hope the Pink Boots Society has many years of helping other women in their future because their efforts are definitely recognized and respected, all the way down here in West Palm Beach.  Our hats are off to you ladies.  We hope to see you find a fruitful future and bubbling fermentation tanks in the industry!


Jan 3, 2017