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A thought or two about Spring

Our Journey

When we think of Spring, we often think of Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and the many events that will be coming up. However, we also sparingly think of the upcoming weather. It is no secret that here in South Florida, we generally think of the worst weather during the fall. However, there are other parts of the country that may not be looking forward to Spring like we do.

Not everyone enjoys the same kind of Spring as Florida

For example, over in the Midwest, Spring means storms. And not little storms that gently water the newly planted crops. Oh no, big storms, with all of the lightning and wind that go with them. Thus, today, we are sending up our thoughts for those who live in all of the typical storm paths. Tornado Alley and the like can be frightening places, though not necessarily for those who live there. These folks know where they live and they seem to handle it with stoic ease.

So today, while you’re tipping up a brew, be sure to send out some thoughts for those who will be facing a different kind of Spring. Where they were here for us during the hurricanes, we need to think of them during their own hectic storm season. One that can bring about fires, flooding, and quite a lot of damage.

Here’s to our friends, may they be safe this Spring

Here’s to our competitors and brewers-in-arms in those Spring states. Boulevard Brewing, 3 Floyds Brewing, Bells Brewery, Founders Brewing, Surly Brewing, and so very many more of you have shaped us during our journey to open our own craft brewery and we hope you continue to do so for many decades to come! May your taps always be full, your weather be mild, your brews be tasty, and your customers always be happy. From all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, cheers and good weather!


Mar 15, 2018