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Three of the oldest breweries in the world; where we came from

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The oldest brewery in the world would have no name at all.  This is because brewing began around 5,000 years ago or more and was simply an in-house production in ancient Egypt and Babylonia.  However, there are many breweries that come to mind when we think of the oldest breweries in the world.  Weihenstephan Abbey in Germany is quite literally the oldest currently active brewery in existence today.

Weltenburg Abbey oldest breweriesWhat are some of the oldest breweries in the world that are still standing?

Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany is quite literally the oldest currently active brewery in existence today.  This outstanding facility was established in 1040 A.D. and brews Hefeweizen, also known as wheat beer.  Their beer is amazing and the dedication they have shown to their standards over so many centuries is admirable, to say the least.  For more information on this historically amazing brewery, check out the link we have provided to our feature on their brewery.

Weltenburg Brewery, just a few miles away, was established a few years later and tends to argue over which brewery is truly the oldest.  This rivalry has gone on for quite some time, with each brewery arguing its case and pointing to dates, times, and sometimes even people that have long ago passed.  Such friendly rivalry is great for these two ancient breweries, as it keeps both of them striving to outdo each other in the brewing world.  We, as enthusiasts, get to enjoy the results as they craft delicious and outstanding beers for us to enjoy!

Weltenburg Brewery does have their own claim to historical fame, however, as they produce the world’s oldest dark beer.  Their Dunkel Lager, although an ancient brew, is still winning awards at world events!  The most recent award was received in 2012 at the World Beer Cup where they won gold in their division.  When it comes to quality that outlasts centuries of possible change, these guys certainly have held their quality standards in place!

Finally, we have Bolten Brewery.  This lovely brewery is the third of the oldest breweries in the world, though they openly claim to be the oldest itself!  Established in 1266, they certainly are one of the oldest breweries in the world and their quality has not changed over the centuries.  Their brewing techniques have been passed from generation to generation in a successful measure to ensure the quality of their future brews.  While they may not truly hold the title of the oldest brewery in the world, they certainly deserve credit for being an outstanding brewery overall!

oldest breweries believe in quality not quantityQuality over quantity keeps the oldest breweries in business

In addition to their great quality beers, Bolten is determined to remain small during a time when growth and takeovers by big business seem to run rampant.  Their view is that staying small and delivering locally means fresh beer straight from the country and that belief has kept them going for a very long time.  Our hats are off to them for their dedication to quality over quantity!

All three of these breweries have stood the test of time, held tight to their traditions, and still show a dedication to quality that we admire.  We hope to have the same high standards as the oldest breweries in the world when we open up later this year in West Palm Beach!



Jan 12, 2017