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It’s time for some artisan pizza!

Our Journey

Craft beer and pizza have been a pair for ages.  It only makes sense that artisan pizza would be the same, but with a touch more panache than your standard out-of-the-freezer Jack’s, right?  At least we think so, and our patrons seem to agree!

Local ingredients are used to create the artisan pizza at The Intracoastal Kitchen in West Palm BeachArtisan pizza from a wood-fired brick oven is even better!

While we have to give credit to the many places that make pretty great pizza, there is simply something to be said for artisan pizza from a proper brick oven.  When that brick oven is wood-fired, it seems to be even better.  Now, add fresh ingredients like mozzarella made right here, in-house, and you have an easy hit.  That is why we love Chef Andrew over at our Intracoastal Kitchen so very much because he makes the dough and the mozzarella right here!

Nothing says artisan like homemade mozzarella and homemade dough, right?  Well, how about locally sourced ingredients?  As fresh as fresh can be, you certainly can’t get better than that.  Each pizza is made to order, with ingredients that are full of flavor and really make your mouth water.  Seeing them made in our wood-fired brick oven is simply an added bonus, as you know the food is fresh, hot, and delicious.

What types of artisan pizza does The Intracoastal Kitchen offer?

We offer a great range of artisan pizzas for you to enjoy.  From delicious classics like our St. Mark’s Square meat lover’s pizza to the Villa Borghese Garden pizza which features a great selection of veggies, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes.  We’ve had great feedback about all of our pizza options, which makes us quite proud of Chef Andrew and all he has accomplished so far.

Stop by our kitchen at West Palm Beach Brewery and see how great the food is for yourself.  We’re located right on Evernia St. and we look forward to seeing you!


Feb 1, 2018