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Time for some Heavy Lifting

Our Journey

Heavy Lifting IPA from Boulevard Brewing Company is great!If you haven’t heard of or tried Heavy Lifting IPA, you really need to do so.  This great brew from Boulevard Brewing Company is certainly the winner of the day, as it has outstanding color, great aromas, and a flavor that goes on for days.  We had the chance to try this brew fairly recently and it went really well with the West Palm Beach sunset we enjoyed at the same time.

To the left, you can see a picture of Heavy Lifting in the glass.  That is, after you get past that instant draw on your eyes from that intense green can.  If you didn’t immediately think of The Hulk, you will once you get a chance to try this great craft beer.  As you can see, the color is a luscious golden amber.  The head had already settled a bit, but started out at about a quarter inch with plenty of tiny bubbles that popped aromas for quite a while.   The aroma didn’t dissipate with the bubbles though, as they really do stick around with this brew, and certainly not regrettably!

Heavy Lifting requires very little thought

We didn’t have to think twice about wanting the rest of our glasses after the first taste of this great craft brew.  Boulevard really pulled it off with this one, as we’re impressed and have added it to our “must-have” list of brews.  That requires quite a bit of quality, as we don’t add to that list unless the brew is truly worth it.  Of course, we expect that kind of amazing quality out of Boulevard anyway, since their brews all tend to be pretty outstanding in their own rights.

We’ve enjoyed several of their brews over the years and this one is no exception to their high standards and great taste.  Their creative streak shows through in every brew they create, and this one is no exception.  The interesting blend of hops used to create this craft beer is varied and blended to perfection, while the super hoppy aromas are a clear testament to the Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, and Topaz hops used throughout the brewing process.

The result is a lovely woodsy aroma that hints at a fruit hidden in the bushes, while the flavor is super hoppy as well.  We must say, if you’re not into super hoppy brews that feature all of the bitterness, flavor, and aroma of a hopped-up brew, then you may want to pass this one by.  However, for the hopheads out there, this brew is like visiting Mecca.  The super light malt used does not detract from the hops profiles at all and just seems to amplify them even more.  We think that’s great, as we love finding a brew that meets our hopped-up needs when they hit.

Check out more of Boulevard’s amazing brews if you get the chance.  If you’ve already found some great Boulevard brews that you really love, leave us a comment and let us know about them.  We’re always happy to hear from our readers and the brews you mention just might become a new feature post!


Apr 1, 2017