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Time for Reflection: What do you think about while enjoying a great brew?

Our Journey

We all have that one go-to brew that we grab when we want to sit and reflect on our day, week, month, or even our entire life. Choosing a brew for this occasion just comes naturally, as we don’t really consider it a choice, it’s automatic. However, what makes us curious is wondering what others are thinking about when they grab that go-to craft beer and sit down in silence.

The important things in life

The craft brewing industry has spawned an amazing community of enthusiasts and we each have our own special tastes, desires, and worries. One thing that seems to be universal is our desire to enjoy great craft brews, made by folks who don’t want to fall into the influence of big brewing. The loyal underdogs who keep fighting to stay independent. This says a lot about our community, as our independence is something we each take pride in.

We asked our resident Portaholic what she thinks about while she’s enjoying one of her hidden stash of bottles. Her response really made sense to us, and her matter-of-fact tone is something we appreciate. Perhaps you’re one of the ones that think about the same things she does, which you can read below.

“When I grab one of the porters I’ve hidden away, it’s so I can sit and think about important things. I don’t mean the car payment, or whether the washing machine will make it another month. I mean the really important things. Sometimes my train of thought will pass over something my kids have said to me that really made an impact on me or something I saw that truly made me feel strongly in some way.

You know, the TRULY important things, those moments in life that stick with us. After all, the other stuff really isn’t going to matter in the end. It won’t matter if the washer dies next week, or the car breaks down. Ten years from now I won’t care about those things, but I’ll still smile every time I think of my daughter telling folks she wants Mom’s truck when she gets her license, not some shiny car that can’t make it through the mud.”

What do you think about?

What do YOU think about when you’re enjoying your favorite brew? Leave us a comment and tell us about it. Don’t forget to mention what brew happens to be your favorite as well because your comment could spark our next feature post. In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting.


Jul 7, 2017