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Tipping a Metermaid

Our Journey

Ok, so the title may have you a bit confused.  After all, have you ever actually tipped a Metermaid?  The odds are, you have not, though you’ve likely said a few words about the tips they’ve left for you!  Such as “Pay your parking meter on time”.  However, here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we tip our Metermaids and we do it in style.  Metermaid IPA, that is!

Metermaid IPA is great!What makes Metermaid so great?

Metermaid IPA was created out of a moment of inspiration.  You guessed it, we saw someone getting a ticket.  But hey, their cost is your gain, because the resulting IPA from that moment is outstanding!  Our IPA features an ABV of 6.5% and the best Centennial, Citra, and Chinook hops we could find, this brew is a hit!  We’ve received great reviews since its release, as well as quite a few chuckles over its inception.

However, if you’re still wondering what makes it such a great choice, just stop on in and see for yourself.  Doing so will give you a chance to check out not only our Metermaid IPA but also the other classic craft styles we brew right here, in-house.  What could be better?  Oh wait, did we mention we have a kitchen, too?

The Intracoastal Kitchen has dishes that are great with Metermaid IPA!

While you’re here, be sure to stop in at The Intracoastal Kitchen, where Chef Andrew will happily create the dish of your choice from our menu.  We have a wood-fired brick oven where all of our dishes are made and each one is absolutely delicious!  Perhaps you’d rather have a pizza?  That’s ok, too!  We have artisan pizzas made with homemade pizza dough made fresh by Chef Andrew himself!

No matter what your tastes in craft beer or food, you can find something to satisfy your soul here at the West Palm Beach Brewery on Evernia St.  Stop in and say hello, take a tour, and grab something to eat and drink!  We look forward to seeing you!


Feb 6, 2018