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This is the Saison to be toasting!

Our Journey

Evernia St. Saison is delicious and great for toasting!There have been so many holidays this season that it seems like we’ve been toasting non-stop.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, then New Years and now the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day that has our kids escaping school for a great memorial, we’ve had plenty to celebrate.  Whether you’re celebrating freedom, family, friends, or all of the above, one thing is certain; You should be doing so with a great Saison!

We have plenty of reasons to celebrate with a Saison!

Here at West Palm Brewery, we are celebrating the amazing will and spirit of the human race in general.  The fall brought to us a season of devastation and that was a harrowing time for everyone.  Here in West Palm Beach, we’ve seen our share of nature’s fury, with the results ranging from a few scrapes to full-scale wreckage, and we have always pulled together to rebuild.  That is precisely what we did again this past year when the hurricanes came raging through the state.  Therefore, we wish to celebrate that strength of character and perseverance that seems to live so deeply within the people of the world and drives them to rebuild, even when things seem bleak.

Great food and Saison to share with friends, both old and new

Toast with a Saison and some wood-fired Brussel sprouts!While you’re in West Palm Beach, be sure to stop in and check out some of the great food at our Intracoastal Kitchen.  The meals are prepared by Chef Andrew, a cook who truly knows his craft inside and out.  And he’d certainly have to, considering we use a wood-fired brick oven for the creation of the mouth-watering meals you’ll be trying!  Don’t forget to pair them with one of our outstanding in-house brewed craft beers!

On the left, you can see our wood-fired brussels sprouts, which are a delight to the senses and pair really well with several of our in-house brews, like our Evernia St. Saison!  Just ask your server about a suggested pairing and they can give you a hand!  We love to help people find new pairings and you’ll really enjoy the added contrast a great craft beer can bring to your meal.

Stop in and check out our Evernia St. Saison while you’re in West Palm Beach

No matter what the occasion, you’re sure to find a meal you love or brew you adore when you visit.  While you’re in West Palm Beach, remember to check out some of the great sights in the area and enjoy some time for yourself.  Interesting places like City Place are a great chance for finding that must-have item you’ve been looking for, while the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society would also love to have you visit.  Then stop by the Intracoastal Kitchen for a meal before you head off to enjoy some of the nightlife that West Palm Beach has to offer.  We look forward to seeing you!




Jan 13, 2018