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Tis the season for great craft beer

Our Journey

With Spring headed in with a vengeance, it’s the perfect time to start checking out the many great craft beers out on the market.  After all, what better way to spend a rainy Spring day than with friends and some delicious craft brews right?  The weather all over the country is pulling a tantrum and we have every right to make the best of what this early part of the season has to offer by way of the amazing craft brewing industry that is growing larger every year.

Taprooms all over the United States are gearing up for the seasonWhat is on the plate for this season?

There are a wide variety of seasonal and year-round brews that we have the pleasure of enjoying this season.  From the great brews at Founders Brewing Company to the lesser known micro-breweries across the United States, there are, quite honestly, more brews out there than we could possibly enjoy in one year.  Even if you were to check out 10 breweries per day, which is far beyond the scope of our abilities, you still could not cover all of the over 4,000 breweries in the United States in a full calendar year.  Yes, we said over 4,000 breweries in the United States alone.  There are more coming open each year, meaning that number is simply growing larger all of the time.

In fact, later this year our own brewery will be opening here in West Palm Beach, Florida.  West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault should be opening its doors in October, which has us quite excited.  It is a long road to opening a brewery and we tip our hats to every brewery out there that has gone through this trek.  From red tape to slow legislation to county offices that just can’t seem to speed things along, there are a variety of roadblocks that keep breweries from opening up.  The fact that so many have already done so shows how much dedication and perseverance really exists in the industry as a whole.

Do breweries really go through that much trouble to bring us great beer?

Indeed, they do!  To open a brewery takes a vast amount of patience, paperwork, and hard physical effort.  Once the brewery is open and everything is up and running, there are still the challenges that the brew masters and staff face every day while working hard to bring us great brews to enjoy.  If the brewery also plans to have a taproom there are even more challenges to face with federal, state, and local regulations to follow, permits to apply for, and further plans to be covered.  After all, if we’re going to offer a taproom, we want it to be one you can enjoy coming to right?

However, this also allows those breweries to really get things in order by the time they open up.  For example, if the brewery plans to be a strong part of their community, they have plenty of time to plan ahead for their opening and future events that might support that community.  Events like charity functions, family barbecues, and more fill the rosters of many breweries who really do want to bring their community together and make it a better place for everyone in it.

These breweries take the time to meet local artists and community leaders and discuss issues that face the community itself.  Really great craft breweries like Boulevard Brewing Company in Missouri took the time to meet the local recycling needs, creating a much needed service for their community and proving their desire to improve the world around them.  This kind of dedication is what makes our craft breweries here in the United States such outstanding places.  They not only provide the great craft beer that we are all looking forward to after such a long and bi-polar winter, but they also strive to make the world at large a better place.

Bring on the Spring brews and events!

This Spring promises to bring forth plenty of great brews, like the ever-popular 60-minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewing Company, along with a host of great events from the many breweries all over the United States.  Whether you’re into musical events, art-based events, or even Yoga, there is an event out there for you to enjoy.  So load up in the car and get started on that road trip, because the events list we’ll be featuring in the next few days will have plenty of it for you to check out.

In the meantime, leave us a note about any great brews you’ve already found this season, as well as any new breweries you’ve heard about.  We love to hear from our readers and your brew might become our next feature!


Apr 8, 2017