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Tour the Breweries along the Eastern Coast of Florida

Our Journey

When it comes to outstanding road trip ideas, no true craft beer lover can deny that a trip down the east coast of Florida would be outstanding!  With over 150 breweries throughout the state, there is no excuse to miss out on some amazing tours, great samples, and interesting local culture.

While we could not list every single old and new craft brewery in one post, we can certainly give you a simple roadmap to adventure!  Our journey begins in the amazing city of Jacksonville at the Wicked Barley Brewing Company.  This up and coming Florida brewing company offers a wide variety of brews on tap, growlers, and food that has turned them into one of the hot spots in Jacksonville.

Next, we head down to St. Augustine and park our assets at Bog Brewing Company for a sampling of their ample wares.  With a long list of available brews in their Taproom, you are sure to find several that you love.  While you’re there, check out the local events and enjoy the gorgeous sand and surf before heading to your next destination.

As we wander down the coast, we find ourselves in Ormond Beach, one hot location with several outstanding breweries.  The hottest of them all is Beachside Brew Pub, where you will want to test all of their brews on tap (and believe me there are quite a few lovely ones available) as well as the epic food trucks they host every week!

Back in the car and we’re headed for Daytona Beach and the Daytona Beach Brewery!  Time the road trip correctly and you can enjoy events like Biketoberfest, where you can experience one of the largest meetups of motorcycles in the entire country!  If that weren’t enough of a rush, you get to sample all of the great brews offered in the brewery tap room!  Try to stay a little bit sober, though, because the beaches of Daytona are outstanding and you’ll want to enjoy a bit of time in the sun.

Get ready, because we have a hefty drive ahead as we set our sights on New Smyrna Beach and the New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company where they host a wide range of tasty ales produced on-site in their micro brewery!  While you’re there, check out the huge variety of attractions in the area, especially if you love history or nature!

It’s time to head further down the coast and enjoy some scenery along the way on our route to Melbourne, where you’ll be visiting Hell N Blazes Brewing Company.  Be prepared for an amazing experience, because this tap room is a must see location.  From the renovated farm and hardware store that comprises the taphouse, itself, to the state-of-the-art brewery, this craft brewery offers a huge range of stouts, ales, and pilsners for your palette.

While we’d love to stay in Melbourne forever, we need to keep on moving down the coast and our last stop for this trip is Port St. Lucie, Florida where we are going to sample the brews at the Side Door Brewing Company.  The family-friendly atmosphere of this little brewery shows amazing promise and they’ve recently celebrated their 1st anniversary!  They are one of the best craft breweries in the state and we hope they enjoy a long and prosperous future!

Check back next week to see where the road trip may lead in the future as we introduce all of the breweries we can for you to explore!


Dec 21, 2016