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Treat yourself at The Intracoastal Kitchen in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

We’ve all made our New Year’s Resolutions.  Most of us have already failed those resolutions, as we tend to make them when we’re intoxicated, riding the tide of “New Year, New Me” emotions.  Therefore, if your resolution was to start eating food that tastes like tree bark this year, it’s time to make your way to The Intracoastal Kitchen. You will find food that will truly feed your soul.

The Intracoastal Kitchen offers artisanal meals to make your mouth water!Personal tastes go a long way at The Intracoastal Kitchen

I’m sure you’ve been to restaurants that claimed to make food to order.  You leave feeling a bit deflated when you find they cannot meet those claims.  I can assure you that you will not leave The Intracoastal Kitchen with that feeling.  In fact, you’ll likely need a minute to recover before you leave!  The food is amazing and very filling!

If you have any doubt, check out the menu right now and take a peek at the list of delicious food they have to offer!  From delicious Paninis to Artisan Pizza, there is no end to the interesting dinner combinations you can create and Chef Andrew is right there to make suggestions if you have trouble deciding.  Don’t forget to ask about the great craft beer offered on tap, because pairing an amazing craft beer with your meal is always a great choice.

The Intracoastal Kitchen has a lovely wood-fired brick oven!Locally sourced ingredients and great style make The Intracoastal Kitchen a hot choice for dinner!

One of the best features of the kitchen, other than Chef Andrew himself, is the farm-to-table fare.  They source as many ingredients as they can locally, meaning you get food that is truly fresh and flavorful.  In addition, you get to see it made right there!  The wood-fired brick oven they use is awesome!  Not only is it a work of art in itself, the meals are an absolute delight to the senses.  The entire atmosphere has an old-world charm that is hard to find in our fast-paced society.

My personal favorite is their Fire-Roasted Mac N’ Cheese, though I have to limit myself in order to stay in shape.  Oh, hush, hips are in this year, therefore I am in a shape.  Another great choice is the amazing Artisan Pizza they offer.  Chef Andrew is truly amazing, as he makes the dough in-house and it’s truly divine.  However, if you’re serious about that diet you swore to uphold, then the Caprese salad is your best bet.  The in-house made mozzarella and vinaigrette are both outstanding and you’ll be able to leave without any guilty feelings about your diet.

Stop in and grab a brew while you’re there!

Don’t forget to stop by the Tasting Room while you are there, as the in-house brews are worth the time!  I recommend the Palm Beach Porter, but if you love hops you’ll want to check out their Dr. K’s Double IPA as well.  They always welcome newcomers and have no problem answering questions and making suggestions!  We’re all looking forward to seeing you!


Jan 13, 2018