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Have you tried a Ginger beer?

Our Journey

While we realize that there is a huge craft beer community out there, we were thinking about those folks that love craft beer, but cannot or prefer not to, drink alcohol itself.  For this very reason, we have a great guest brew on tap!  Stop by West Palm Beach Brewery and check out the great Ginger Beer we have from Non-Prophet Brewing!

Ginger Beer is another great craft brew for those who want zero ABVGinger beer is here at West Palm Beach Brewery!

The Ginger Beer from Non-Prophet Brewing is absolutely outstanding!  We tip our hats to these folks, as they really hit one out of the park with this zero ABV brew.  Designed specifically for those who love craft beer, but prefer zero ABV for several reasons, this brew features a great flavor and aroma that you may not expect from a zero ABV brew.

The recent ratings on Untappd have been pretty darn good for this brew, as has the feedback from our patrons!  It is certainly a change from the super hopped up brews we’re used to, but a welcome change, as it means more people can come by and enjoy a brew on their lunch hour or before heading out on a road trip.  After all, safety first right?

Expect more great brews in the future at West Palm Beach Brewery

We expect a lot more great brews from Non-Prophet Brewing in the future.  Their Kombucha brews have been receiving great reviews and you might even find one on our taps in the future!  If you happen to be in West Palm Beach, be sure to stop by and see us here at the West Palm Beach Brewery and see what we have to offer.  We look forward to seeing you and hope you have a safe and fun time while you’re in South Florida!  Until then, happy tasting and safe travels!


Feb 7, 2018