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Trinitas Cellars: Great wine from a great source

Our Journey

The Trinitas entrance speaks of solidarity and success, with a lovely stone entry arch that makes it feel like you are stepping into another world as you enter. This lovely winery is family owned and they truly make you feel as if you’ve become a part of that family when you experience one of their tastings, which are arranged to suit your needs and desires.

Well-placed vines provide an outstanding set of premium wines

When you experience a tasting at one of Trinitas lovely locations, you’ll have the chance to try some of their outstanding premium wines in a setting that is simply divine. Whether you choose to make reservations at the Estate Cave or the Trinitas Library, your visit is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Each reservation is designed to make your experience noteworthy, with wines that will gain a place in your heart and become your choice for all of your special occasions.

The vineyards of Trinitas are in a location that provides a great growing environment for the vines they have chosen to plant. If you choose to take a tour of the vineyards, you will have the opportunity to discuss the environment, climate, growing practices, and the many efforts they make to provide outstanding premium wines from their harvests. In addition, you’ll learn about the many varietals they grow at the vineyard, as well as how the grapes are harvested and processed.

With a maximum of twelve people per tour, you are assured to have a very personalized experience and you will also have the chance to taste a few of the delicious wines that have been produced from those very vineyards you were walking through, making the tour just that much more connected.

Try some of the great wines of Trinitas Cellars and let us know about it!

We really love to hear from our readers and we’d enjoy hearing about your experiences while visiting Trinitas Cellars, taking a tour, or simply tasting some of their outstanding, luscious premium wines. We’re quite excited to hear more about this lovely vineyard, as their wines have been gaining popularity at quite a strong rate and their following is growing every year.

Make sure to leave us a comment about your experiences and in the meantime we’ll be here in South Florida working hard to get ready for our own opening later this year. Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault we plan to offer great craft beer and some of the best premium wines in the country, including those of Pankauski Wine Cellars with whom we have an exclusive contract! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you later this year at the opening in West Palm Beach!


May 25, 2017