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A trio of brews from the Buddha

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We all know that Funky Buddha is one of the hottest craft breweries in South Florida.  That’s why we try to keep up with what they currently have on tap, as we don’t want to miss out on some of the most delicious brews imaginable.  Do you want to know what they have available right now?  Read on and then go check out their great taproom!  We’ve brought to you three of their current tap offerings and we hope you enjoy them!

Boy That’s Great Stuff

If you love the Buddha’s small batch brews, then you’re going to want to stop in and check out this delicious session IPA.  They’ve labeled it as over-hopped and we disagree!  It’s perfectly hopped and packed with aromas and flavors for days!  Add to that the fact that it’s a small batch brew and you know you have to taste it for yourself.  After all, nothing from the Buddha is worth passing up.  Although this brew does skirt the edges of the sessionable range at 5% ABV, the aromas do a great job of making up for that indiscretion.

Doc Brown Ale

Brown ale anyone?  Doc Brown is currently on tap at the Buddha taproom.  Something about the brew just really appeals to us and we can see why it is on their year-round brew list.  The combination of English oats and caramel malts come together in a perfect blend that allows for a great range of aromas and flavors.  The hints of cocoa are certainly well-matched to the brew and they draw you in quickly for that first taste.  Another great brew from the Buddha that you’ll want to take home with you to share with friends and family.

Dread Pirate Roberts Imperial Stout

Who says the Dread Pirate Roberts wasn’t a great guy?  After all, he ended up winning the Princess, right?  You’ll have plenty of fun storming the castle with this delicious brew, which falls into the Buddha’s Limited Release series, so be sure to stop into the taproom and try it before it is gone again!  Something about the sweet fruit and chocolate aromas and flavor of this brew are really appealing, though we cannot really imagine a pirate smelling this way.  Keep an eye on that 9% ABV though, as this one is certainly Stout!

Check out the brews and let us know what you thought!

We’d love to hear from our readers, so be sure to stop back in and leave a comment about the brews you’ve tried from Funky Buddha!  In the meantime, happy tasting from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault!


Jun 16, 2017