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Try an American Cream Ale

Our Journey

With so many brewing styles out there, we thought it might be nice to point out a few brews from each style that you could hunt down this year.  We all love trying new brewing styles, or most of us do anyway, so this is a great way to create a “treasure hunt” of styles for the year!  There are plenty of styles out there to add to the list including American Cream Ale, Robust Porter, and many styles from around the world as well.

What great style should we add to the hunt?

This post is focusing on American Cream Ale, a delicious brewing style that features:

  • Color: These ales are very pale in color, not often ranging past a lovely golden hue that suits their name very well.
  • ABV:  When it comes to alcohol, these little wonders range from sessionable to just past, often staying under 6% ABV, which makes them great for food pairing and events.  Have a summer event coming up?  These brews are perfect!
  • IBU:  You’re not going to find a bitter brew here.  IBUs generally range from 10-25, making them a very smooth and refreshing brew.  Again, perfect for summer events like that patio lunch you wanted to plan.

This style is great for pairing with a variety of foods including:

  • Various salads
  • Several types of shellfish
  • A range of desserts like tarts
  • Flavorful cheeses like Pepperjack

What American Cream Ale is out there for us to find?

There are a wide variety of ACAs on the market today.  With over 4,000 old and new craft breweries across the United States, it would be hard to list every single American Cream Ale available, but we have put together a modest list for you to find below.

El Sully from 21st Amendment Brewing

Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing Company

Broadway Light from Detroit Beer Company

Green State Lager from Zero Gravity Brewing

These are just a few of the great American Cream Ales out there and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  They were the first on our own treasure hunt of brewing styles and each of them has its own unique taste.  Be sure to stop back in and leave us a comment about the delicious American Cream Ales you have found in your own craft beer journey!  We love hearing from our readers and your comment will likely be included in our next feature on these brews!  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 23, 2017