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The Two of Tarts always wins

Our Journey

We recently received a note from one of our readers asking about the style of brew that is called a Gose brew.  We have tried these brew types before and thought “Sure, why not feature one of them?”, so off we went to check into Upland Brewing Company, whose Two Of Tarts is an outstanding Gose beer that really impressed us.

What is a Gose brew?

Twisted Trunk features some amazing craft beerA Gose brew is an older, German style of brew that is an unfiltered wheat beer that holds a huge malt bill and is very low in hops.  In fact, many Gose brews leave the drinker wondering if any hops were used at all.  This brewing style is handy for those who have allergic reactions to hoppy brews and is a nice change from the hopped up brews you’ll find all over the shelves lately.  While we love our double IPAs and the like, it really is nice to find a brew that doesn’t hold quite so much bite once in a while.

Two Of Tarts from Upland Brewing is a really great example of the style and offers craft beer enthusiasts who don’t care for large amounts of hops a brew that they can really enjoy while talking about all things crafty with their fellow craft beer lovers.  This may not seem like a big deal for some, but when you have a reaction to hops, it’s a very big deal to your health, so we’re glad we can let those folks know there is hope for them in the craft brewing industry.

Our notes on Two Of Tarts

While you won’t find any notes on this brew on BeerAdvocate as of this posting, you can check out comments on Untappd and Ratebeer as well as checking out our own notes on the brew.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we try to make sure you have access to views from all over, so make sure to visit each one to decide if you want to try the brew.  That said, our notes on this brew are below and we hope you give it a taste to see what you think as well.

  • Pour:  Pours a hazy and pale yellow, very little head that dissipates quickly.
  • Aroma:  Super tropical aroma profile that made our taste buds perk up quite fast.
  • Taste:  Plenty of fruit hints including lemon, mango, and a variety of other citrus notes.  Slightly sweet, which suited the fruity profile very well.
  • Finish:  Slightly dry finish with a bit of tartness to it.  Quite pleasant.
  • Overall:  Overall we really enjoyed this brew, as it was a change from the usual IPAs and Stouts we’ve been coming across lately.  We’d certainly try it again in the future, as we want to share it with others.

We love to try different brewing styles, so it’s not unusual for us to pop up with brews that might be outside of your typical selection.  We hope you give this brew a chance and if you do, remember to pop back here and let us know what you thought about it!  We’d love to hear from you and, just as with this feature, your comment might spark our next post!

From all of us here in West Palm Beach, Florida, Happy Brewing!


Apr 28, 2017