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U.S. Beers and bikes style events : Biketoberfest

Our Journey

harley-davidson-1905281_960_720When it comes to great brews and gorgeous bikes in Florida, there is one event that pretty much trumps all of the others.  Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach is THE place to be during the fall season.  With a wide variety of bars and pubs dotting the city, you’ll have no end of choices for places to hang out and have fun.  If you’re there for the bikes, you’re in luck!  This event certainly does not disappoint, with thousands of beautifully crafted bikes lining the streets where everyone is family.

During this three-day weekend event in Daytona you will have the chance to experience some of the most diverse motorcycle culture in the world, meet some outstanding people from all over the U.S., watch interesting shows and of course, drink some great beer!

The food offered by places like the Ocean Deck Restaurant and Hog Heaven BBQ is worth trying more than once.  Don’t forget to stop at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on your way down the boardwalk, because as Forest said, it’s a household name.  Of course, you’ll want to make a trip into The Oyster Pub and try out some of the cold brews they offer there, as well as their delicious food!

After you’ve finished soaking up the sun, sand, and great food, head to Riverfront Park where the main event takes place.  Don’t worry about memorabilia, because there are a large number of shops and vendors will take your breath away.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to partake in a bit of retail therapy while you wander around seeing all of the gorgeous bikes.  This truly is motorcycle heaven and Daytona Beach does a great job every year with this event.

Although this year’s event has already passed, the event in 2017 is already rumored to be one that few will ever forget, so we expect to see plenty of craft beer enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts in south Florida in October 2017!


Dec 26, 2016