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Upland Brewing Company, on top of their game

Our Journey

According to Upland Brewing, it all started with a glacier.  The history of the Bloomington, Indiana area is one filled with tradition, perseverance, and a stubborn dedication to quality over quantity.  Knowing when to say when is an important trait in this hardy area, where the communities are very close-knit and your neighbors will probably show up at your door with tissues and chicken soup if they hear you sneeze.  For many of us, that kind of community seems like a throwback to an era long forgotten, but for the folks at Upland, it’s a way of life, a way of work, and their reason for making great craft beer.

Tasting an Upland brew is an experienceGreat people come together to make great beer

Upland was opened in 1998, which means they have nearly two decades of experience under their belt and a host of creative minds to fuel their brewing process.  That makes for some pretty steep competition that even the commercial brewing companies have learned to respect (AB-Inbev has been actively purchasing smaller craft breweries) and yes, fear.  Why?  Because new craft breweries mean more competition, a wider range of brewing styles, and overall, far more public freedom of choice.  Sorry, Big Brewing, the little guys are taking over and they’re doing it with style.

Upland has released quite a few different craft beers in their time and we had a chance to try a few of their labels.  We were really impressed with the flavor profile of their brews.  It is almost as if they found a way to bottle their creativity, which is great.  With brews on the market like Dragonfly IPA, Bad Elmer’s Porter, and Upland Wheat Ale, there is no doubt that this craft brewery has a strong grasp of what people want and how to brew it for them.

Take a Tour, Try a Taste, and Learn to love the Other Midwest

Upland Brewing has two different brewing areas for you to tour including The Wood Shop, where they craft their sour craft beers.  Each tour includes a tasting, so make sure to have your taste buds ready to go.  These folks are very knowledgeable and they love to talk about their brews.  While you’re there, make sure to ask about the events they host because you just might hit one at the right time.  In addition, make sure to come back here and let us know what you thought of the brewery and the great craft beer!



Apr 24, 2017