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Victory Brewing Hop Devil IPA is great!

Our Journey

The folks over at Victory Brewing are always hard at work creating one amazing brew or another and we really envy them their jobs.  Here is West Palm Beach, Florida at the West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault we have our permits firmly in place and we’re sweating our way to our opening later this year.  While all this work may seem like it would keep us from enjoying ourselves, that has never been more wrong.  We recently checked out some of Victory Brewing’s great craft beers and wow they are great!

Victory Brewing HopDevil IPAHopDevil IPA is a great craft beer!

Victory Brewing’s Hop Devil IPA was one of our recent tries and we’re really glad we decided to take the chance.  This brew has reviewers at BeerAdvocate impressed and it impressed us, too.  With an ABV of 6.7%, this one is a pretty easy drinker, but don’t let it fool you.  It will sneak up on you, so make sure you’re sharing with friends!

The color of this brew, as seen at the left, is a gorgeous clear amber with minimal lacing around the edge of the glass after settling.  While some may prefer a brew that has a huge head that lasts throughout and a lot of soapy lacing, this brew is well suited by its reasonable head and huge flavor.

The aroma of this brew is what you would expect from an IPA.  Plenty of citrus notes that last from start to finish that really do exemplify the hops selected for the brew.  Craft beer enthusiasts really seem to appreciate the great aroma of a delicious IPA and we can understand why.  Something about that citrusy scent just makes our mouths water and when it’s a really great IPA, the flavor just makes things even better.

That is exactly the case with HopDevil IPA.  Although we do suggest keeping an eye on the ABV of this brew, we admit that you won’t want to stop at just one glass.  The flavor is a wealth of delights and the profile showcases all of the hops selected really well.  From a piney start to the citrusy and slightly bitter finish that exemplifies many IPAs, this brew hits all the right notes for us.

The fact that there is a bit of a bready hint in there just seems to add to the brew, where it would detract from many others.  We’re not sure why or how that point fits in so well, but it blends so well that we really like it being there.  We plan to try several more of Victory’s brews in time, as we love taking a break from construction and seeing what everyone is coming up with.

Leave us a comment about any other Victory brews you may have come across in your travels.  We love to hear from our readers and your brew just might become our next feature post!  For now, we’re off to work, because we plan to open our doors to the public as soon as we can and we hope to see all of you there when we do!



Apr 18, 2017