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Napa Valley vineyards : Silver Oak

Our Journey

Anyone interested in wine will come across the location of Napa Valley at some point.  This area is known for its beautiful landscape, and more so, by the outstanding vineyards located there!  We are here to give credit where it is due, and this time that credit goes to Silver Oaks, one of the most outstanding wineries of the area and certainly one of the top places to visit.

The Beginning of An Amazing Dream

Silver Oak was established by Raymond Twomey Duncan and Justin Meyer (well known as a former Christian Brother) in 1972 with the vision of the two men forming the perfect union.  These two chose to focus on just one varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon.

The pair started their operation in an old dairy barn where they produced a limited amount of their, now, signature vintage in the first year.  Although they only produced 1,100 cases that first year, there was a great future ahead of them, because Silver Oak’s popularity shot up over the next three decades.

Success and Retirement, the Dream Continues On

Their signature Napa Valley and Alexander Valley cabernets are highly sought after for restaurants’ premium wine lists and in 1994 Justin Meyer chose to retire, selecting Daniel Baron to succeed him as their winemaker.

In 2001, less than a decade later, Justin sold his shares to the Duncan family, who continue to run the company just as it began, with a passion for the cabernet that started it all 40 years ago.

Growth and Innovation from Tragedy

Silver Oak’s President, David R. Duncan, and their Vice-President, Tim Duncan, continue to hold to the original values of the company while understanding that innovation is important for production.  This had led to an even greater rise in popularity of their signature wines, as well as improved production overall.

This insight was triggered by tragedy when, in 2006, the beloved Oakville winery was destroyed by a raging fire.  Realizing that they would have to rebuild, the two decided it was time to bring in some state-of-the-art equipment and really make the winery shine upon reopening.  This decision sparked a change that made the future even brighter than their new equipment!

New Plans and Sustainable Hopes

One thing that makes Silver Oak an outstanding winery is their discerning taste in grapes.  Using only grapes grown in their own vineyards or sourced from carefully selected vineyards open to their business, they’ve come to see that sustainability is an important facet in their production.

However, this does not refer just to their vineyards!  With a new facility due to open in 2017 in Alexander Valley, the Duncans have decided to take that theme to a new level.  Plans include alternative energy sources, reclaimable water avenues, and even reclaimed building supplies!

Good luck and great expectations

We would like to send our best wishes to Silver Oak and the Duncans.  Their forward-thinking strategies are sure to spark similar views in the area and we can only hope to bring that same sustainable source view to our own communities here in Florida.  Our hats are off to them and we look forward to hearing great things about the innovations they bring forward in 2017!



Dec 22, 2016