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Vineyards of the world : Denbies Wine Estate

Our Journey

Denbies Wine Estate is located in England, with its vineyards planted in the chalky soil surrounding Dorking, an area with the perfect base for the delightful grapes they produce.  The estate was originally purchased by Thomas Cubitt in 1850 and remained in the family until it’s sale in 1984.  The history of the estate, which now encompasses 265 acres, is rich with noble visits, traditional production, and a love for the wine industry.

pine-1894883_960_720A Royal visit to replant the estate with conifers

In 1851, Prince Albert visited the estate and granted Cubitt a royal gift.  The prince ordered several lovely conifers to be planted on the estate, which was completed immediately that year.  This is the most notable visit, as it was spoken of for many decades after, with those very trees in presence.

Sold after centuries of ownership and another Royal visit!

Flash forward to 1984 when Denbies was subsequently sold toqueen-63006_960_720 Adrian White, whose family stills holds the estate to this day.  In 1986, Queen Elizabeth, herself, visited the estate to repeat the historical event of Prince Albert, and to one-up the Prince as well!  The owners took great pride in the visit, as the Queen struck a shovel to the ground and proceeded to dig a hole for the conifer she had brought to the gorgeous estate for planting.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Queen Elizabeth, herself, planted the conifer in the ground, from the digging of the hole to the patting of the soil after.

giant-lego-1643546__340While it may seem like only Royalty were interested in the beautiful vineyard, this theory is broken, as in 2009 children proceeded to build the Lego House, located on the vineyard and, you guessed it, built entirely of big Lego blocks!  Although this seems a bit out-of-character for such a classic and traditional vineyard, Denbies is known for its involvement in organizations across the country.

Pioneers of new varietals in England!grapes-276070__340

In 2010 Denbies planted the first Sauvignon Blanc grape vines in the entire country, an event that still holds importance today, just years later.  Their guarded care of this varietal is well-noted, as they seek to expand the productions of their outstanding winery.  After all, the key point of a winery and vineyard is indeed the grapes correct?  Denbies is serious about their grapes, and this new addition was warmly welcomed into their production facility with a fervor for new possibilities and innovation.

Events, sponsorships, and a bright future for all

Denbies is a strong advocate of events and charities, featuring several events every year from their New Years Eve Celebration to the many smaller events held throughout each season.  As with the Lego house, many children’s events are hosted by Denbies, as well as private and corporate events!

Tours are always available, both inside and out, as well as group tours for larger parties.

Denbies effects do not stop there, as they run the Village Green Farm Shop and even a brewery, which of course makes us very happy to hear.  As an up and coming brewery ourselves and due to open in 2017, we always strive to learn about the vineyards, wineries, and breweries that have shown historical success, in order to learn from them and have a strong chance at success ourselves!

We wish everyone at Denbies a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope their history and tradition continue on far into the next century!




Dec 24, 2016