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Vineyards of the world : Parés Baltà

Our Journey

When it comes to delicious premium wines, the vineyards and winery of Parés Baltà produce some of the best.  This family-owned operation was established in 1790, making it one of the oldest family-owned establishments in the world.  And if you think anything has changed at this place, you’d be pretty far off the mark.  Their values, production, and quality have been held to the same high standard of the ancestors, which is something we respect and love.

Centuries of innovation mixed with traditional values

That is not to say that this family hasn’t implemented some changes over the centuries.  They most certainly have, including updates to their operations that have helped them to produce wines that pass the mark of their ancestors and keep wine connoisseurs waiting in anticipation for their next release.  With five estates located around Penedès, they strive to provide only the highest quality grapes for production and hold the advantage of growing in a wide variety of soil types.

Mª Elena Jiménez and Marta Casas, wives of Joan and Josep, and experienced oenologists control the all of the winemaking at this lovely winery in the Meditteranean and they do it with a finesse that seems to be innate to their family.  Even the newest generation of the family gets involved, providing creative new ideas that continue to hold true to their ecological traditions.

grapes-1659118__340Ecological awareness and Certified Organic and Dynamic

The family values of this winery and its vineyards hold a deep respect for nature and sustainable farming practices.  It is not unusual to see sheep roaming the vineyards after harvest, as their eco-aware practices lead them to create a true ecosystem that remains very close to the old-world styles.

When it comes to management of the grapes, they have top-notch practices that allow them to provide wines whose character cannot be questioned, no matter how hard you try.  Their pruning process has been known to take away up to 50 percent of the grapes from their Grenache fields!  They state that this allows them to provide more air circulation, resulting in not only less risk of disease but also greater nutrient fulfillment for the remaining grapes of that crop.

We applaud their refusal to use any pesticides, man-made fertilizers, or herbicides in their practice, as this is a direction we’d love to see every farm across the world head in the coming years.  They even have their own bees to pollinate the flowering vines, something that any advocate of bee conservation will absolutely respect.  After all, without bees, our food harvests are going to suffer over time.

langhirano-1890726_960_720Take a tour through the history of a beautiful vineyard and winery

The estate offers tours to visitors and they do recommend that you book tours in advance, to ensure availability.  Take a trip through history as they explain their process from the highest terraces to the lower fields of the vineyard and walk you through their amazing production facility as well.  If you are worried about a language barrier, rest assured that tours are conducted in several languages by their experienced staff who speak a range of languages from English to Catalan!


Dec 24, 2016