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Vineyards of the world : Quinta do Tedo

Our Journey

Quinta do Tedo has olive trees that offer excellent quality!In the heart of Portugal, you can find a variety of delights, including a rich culture, heart-warming atmosphere, and delicious premium wines.  At Quinta do Tedo you can find a variety of products being created, including premier ports, premium wines, and even excellent cold-pressed olive oil from well-established trees.  While you would imagine such a diverse production process would create a bit of inequality, it certainly does not at this gorgeous vineyard.

With olive trees ranging from 50-100 years old and a climate that is ideal for the process, Quinta do Tedo olive oils have gained a very strong presence in the market with its outstanding flavor.   The shist soil of the area gives their olives intense flavor that definitely lends itself well to salads and sauces of all types.

However, their olive oil is not our main concern.  Their ports and wines are.  These highly inspired and flavor-filled products are typical of the Quinta do Tedo vineyard, as they are all outstanding premium wines and premier ports that deserve a spot on any wine rack.  The traditional practices they use for their ports date as far back as true, classical crushing by foot, which takes a span of up to four days!  In a time when newer production methods are common, this is a refreshing look into a history we can only imagine in our mind.

With both historical and modern techniques, Quinta do Tedo produces amazing premium winesTheir wine production facilities do utilize mechanical crushing and the grapes selected are not of the same ripeness as those of their ports.  This does not mean their table wines are not as good because they’re absolutely delicious!  After a 10 month aging period in oak barrels the wines are tasted to judge their worth.  While some will be bottled for their Douro Doc, while others may be outstanding enough to merit a further 15 months aging for their Reserve or Grand Reserve bottling, something they take very seriously.

These highly-skilled winemakers have spent generations perfecting their process and we’re certainly glad they have.  West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault would be proud to feature their wines in our rack, as it would be a shame to miss out on some of these premium wines from one amazing vineyard and winery.  Stop in after our opening in 2017 to check out our available premium wines and visit a new part of the world through taste and distinction.



Dec 29, 2016